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Mobile marketing can be quite intimidating for small businesses — even for enterprises.

Everyone wants to get a mobile marketing strategy, but to sit down and formulate one takes an army of experts. Forming a real mobile strategy means more than just placing a few ads or marketing a checkbox for Google adwords to advertise on mobile. With so many new tools and possibilities out there, where is a person to go for up to date information?  Never fear, MobileFOMO is here!

Why MobileFOMO? What does that even mean?

Most online tech magazines that cover ‘mobile’ are covering the basic aspects such as hardware, apps, etc. We think this coverage is great, but there is a whole world of possibility out there for the mobile marketer of today. We’ve got your back. MobileFOMO was founded in late 2012 with the assumption that mobile marketing is going to be big (it already is) and we don’t want anyone to feel held back by a Fear Of Missing Out, aka FOMO. Forming a mobile marketing strategy has many facets to it and we are here to help.