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10 Essential Apps for Ecommerce Business Owners Infographic

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10 Essential Apps for Ecommerce Business Owners Infographic

Editor October 5, 2016

The Only Apps You Need to Run Your Online Business…

We know that running a business is no walk in the park. From managing people to keeping an eye on your stock levels and running the marketing to paying bills; there are a lot of plates that need to be kept spinning for business to run smoothly. Here at 13ten, we thought that your time might be better spent getting on with the things that really matter. Rather than you running backwards and forwards between those plates, we’ve gathered together 10 essential mobile apps that could make your life just that little bit simpler.


Top 10 Apps for ecommerce businesses

And if that wasn’t enough we have expanded our research of the Top 10 Apps for Ecommerce Business Owners and provided more of a low down for each of these useful tools below:

Mobile Apps for Marketing

Keep on top of your website performance, digital marketing, social media and email marketing campaigns with these handy apps.

10 Essential Apps for Ecommerce Business Owners

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an absolute must-have for any webmaster. With your unique analytics code added to every page on your website, you have access to influential user data covering everything from how your customers found you, to the device they used, revenue, page data and more!

The Analytics mobile app, which is available for free on theApp Store and Google Play allows you to access all of your Google Analytics web and app reporting profiles on the go!


 If you’re short on time but big on social media, you should be downloading Hootsuite right now. Hootsuite pulls together all of your social media channels and allows you to manage every network from a single dashboard. Add on the ability to schedule posts for the future, respond to mentions, comments and messages within the app, monitor topics of conversation that are important to you and analyse and track follower growth and campaign success and ladies and gentleman, we have one must-have app!

Hootsuite has options ranging from free to enterprise so you can choose a plan that suits your needs. Download for free from the App Store and Google Play.


If you plan on carrying out any email marketing, we can’t think of a better companion to have at your side than Mailchimp. Their user-friendly interface makes it easy to design eye-catching emails and manage mailing list subscribers as well as setting up automated emails to target customers when they’re most receptive. Their advanced reporting tools let you see, at a glance, how your last campaign performed, allowing you to make fast and informed decisions.

It’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month; great for if you’re just getting started and theirgrowing business and pro marketer plans are great for managing larger mailing lists. Keep up to date with your email marketing performance by downloading the Mailchimp app from the App Store or Google Play.

Mobile Apps for Inventory and Stock Management

Running an Ecommerce business means that you’re going to have plenty of stock flying in and out at all times. Good inventory management can really give your business a competitive edge, keeping best sellers replenished and customers happy. Keep on top of your inventory with apps designed to follow each and every product throughout its lifecycle.

10 Essential Apps for Ecommerce Business Owners

Inventory Now

Inventory Now is designed to help business owners track their inventory through the product lifecycle, from the moment you receive it to the day that it’s delivered to your customers. The creators describe it as “a lightweight replacement for or a supplement to a high end Point of Sale system”. The ability to see, at a glance, an overview of your entire inventory, scan barcodes to add and manage items, and view historical data for everything that you’ve ever sold or purchased makes it a great starting place for small businesses.

Inventory now is free, but for a small fee you can access your data across multiple devices. Download it from the App Store.

Mobile Apps for Accounting and Finance

They say that if you look after the pennies then the pounds will look after themselves. Make managing every aspect of your business finances just that little bit simpler with these sophisticated apps.

10 Essential Apps for Ecommerce Business Owners


With over 1.7 million customers in 200+ countries, we think it’s safe to say that Wave know a thing or two about accounting and finance software. In 2010 they launched their “awesome, cloud-based, integrated software and tools for small businesses” and the rest, as they say, is history! Their software allows you to keep a track of accounting, payments, invoicing, expenses and more, all for free! For a small and incredibly reasonable fee, you can even add credit card processing and payroll to the mix too!

Once you’re signed up with Wave, you can keep a track of everything on the go with their beautiful mobile apps. Download them on the App Store and Google Play. Although those who don’t use i-Devices will find that they can currently only download their expense tracking app, Receipts.


If you haven’t heard of PayPal, then you’re well overdue an introduction. PayPal is globally recognised for being one of the most secure ways to send and receive payments both commercially and personally. It’s easy to set up an account and get started and can be used as a standalone payment solution or adder as an additional payment method to your existing website.

The rigorous seller protection protocols and advanced fraud screening make PayPal a great choice for businesses of all sizes. Download their handy new mobile app from the App Store and Google Play to manage your finances on the go.

Mobile Apps for Increasing Productivity

Being productive when you’re on the move can be tricky; endless distractions and difficulty getting access to the tools and information you need can slow you down. Make unproductive days a thing of the past with these handy apps.

10 Essential Apps for Ecommerce Business Owners

Google Drive

Store all of your files from spreadsheets to photos, videos to PDFs and more in Google Drive and have instant and easy access to it on the move as Drive effortlessly syncs your data across all of your devices. You can even invite others to view, download and edit the files and folders that you want them to have access too, so you don’t need to dig back through your emails to find the latest attachment of that pitch!

Getting started is simple, just create an account and you’ll instantly have access to 15GB of cloud storage. Need more? Paid options are reasonably priced, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes. Download Google Drive from theApp Store and Google Play. And don’t forget to download Docs, Sheets and Slides whilst you’re at it – so you can create and edit documents on the go.

Rescue Time

You don’t earn endorsements from the likes of lifehacker, the BBC, the New York Times and TechCrunch without having a seriously good service. Rescue Time can boast this list of endorsements and more. It is a plugin for your computer which runs quietly in the background whilst you go about your daily tasks. It keeps an eye on how you spend your time and what sites you visit the most and provides you with a detailed report to help you identify time sucks in your working day.

The lite version is free and will suffice for most business owners as it offers all of the vital functions you’ll need to become more productive such as weekly emails summarising your activities and productivity score, and the ability to set goals. The premium version allows you to block websites, track time offline and much more! Unfortunately for the Apple lovers out there, Rescue Time isn’t currently available in the App Store, but Android users can find it in the Google Playstore.

Mobile Apps for Project Management

Finding yourself losing track of projects and tasks? Get rid of the messy post-it notes and hurried emails and get organized with these slick project management apps.

10 Essential Apps for Ecommerce Business Owners


Need to keep track of multiple projects at one time? Trello could be your saving grace. It’s a clever, card-based project management tool whose boards, lists and cards allow you to organize and prioritise projects of all subjects and sizes in one place. Collaborating with members of your team is easy; simply invite them to entire boards or single tasks and keep track of progress. Notifications and real time updates mean that when someone moves a card, it moves on your board too, instantly.

The ability to add comments, upload files, add labels, checklists and due dates ensure that everyone has all of the information they need to get the task done. Download the Trello app on the App Store and also on Google Play too!

 Mobile Apps for Team Communication

 Stay in touch with your team on the go and in the office with these smart messaging apps.

10 Essential Apps for Ecommerce Business Owners


Slack’s tagline is “be less busy.” As a business person, how can you resist that enticing promise?

Slack is an intuitive messaging app which allows you to stay in touch with your team on the go, without cluttering up your email inbox. From company-wide channels to team channels and direct messaging, Slack easily allows you to segment your communications effectively. It instantly syncs across all of your devices and even syncs with other productivity apps that you might already be using such as Trello, Google Drive, twitter and more. Add in the ability to upload images and documents and quickly find what you’re looking for with their advanced search functionality, and team communication has never been simpler.

Download Slack on the App Store and Google Play and start using the messaging software of choice of the team behind the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Are there any essential apps that you couldn’t live without? We’d love to hear from – you never know, you might just be featured in our next infographic!

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