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iOS 10: The E-Commerce Marketers Guide to Push Notification

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iOS 10: The E-Commerce Marketers Guide to Push Notification

Guest Author August 11, 2016

If you’re an e-commerce marketer, you’re well-aware of the challenges associated with enhancing user engagement and retention on mobile apps. While one of the most popular methods of reaching users is the Push Notification, data shows that typical static push is not effective: clickthrough rates are as low as 4 to 8%, indicating that app users are simply not interested or engaged by such generic messages.


So how do you combat user fatigue to successfully engage and re-engage your app users? “The E-Commerce Marketer’s Guide to Rich Media Push Notifications” explains how e-commerce marketers can leverage the latest generation of personalized, Rich Media Push to maximize customer engagement. Unlike traditional static Push, RMP can be personalized to each user and strategically sent based on event, time, or location triggers. They also go beyond text to include photos and video, and are fully scrollable, clickable, and deep-linkable to specific in-app products. The result is higher clickthrough rates at 20 to 30%.


The neat thing about Rich Media Push is that you can tailor specific messages at precise markers in the user experience. You can send product recommendations and first-purchase discount codes to new users, or remind existing users of products they’ve been browsing but haven’t yet purchased. You can even send personalized alerts when new products have been added to a category of interest to the user, or when the price of a product of interest has dropped. And of course, it’s critical to re-engage dormant users and drive them back into the purchase cycle. This is done by sending highly personalized messages that utilize insights from past behaviors to offer custom discounts on relevant products.


Click here to read “The E-Commerce Marketer’s Guide to Rich Media Push Notifications” to learn more.

Guest Author

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