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Stop Wasting Time on Social Media

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Stop Wasting Time on Social Media

Guest Author July 13, 2016

This is a guest post by David Beinhart, Marketing Team Member at TapReason


Social channels are not created equally, which is why choosing the right channels and moments to share is the difference between wasting time and achieving organic growth.   It’s an unfortunate truth, but the effort companies expend creating quality content is wasted if they do not promote it through the right platforms at the right times.


Widespread but not widely effective


With over 1.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook hands down has to be the best place to post content or ask users to promote your app, right? Well, not necessarily. At TapReason we’ve conducted campaigns for hundreds of applications, on over 30 million devices globally, and the results may surprise you.


For example, popular messaging app WeChat is over 168% better than Facebook at converting impressions into clicks. In fact, many alternative chat platforms outperform Facebook and Facebook Messenger in this regard, which greatly affects how much of your content is shared.  


Looking to acquire more users?


We also found that Twitter is over 2.8x more effective than Facebook in converting invitations into leads. This means that the same requests posed to users on Twitter are almost three times as likely to turn into leads that generate new users than if they were posted on Facebook.


Even more surprising, WhatsApp and Kik Messenger are an astounding 4.1x and 5.4x more effective at converting invitations into leads.


These statistics are useful for companies conducting in-app messaging campaigns but also provide insights into the characteristics of each channel type. Social networks reach larger audiences, but the one-to-one conversations of chat and messaging apps provide excellent opportunities for companies to engage with customers in a more personal way.  


Travel the World’s Wide Webs


The most effective social channels to target are the ones that your users are actually on. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the top three channels from each of the following countries may:

Country Top Social Channels
United States Facebook Facebook Messenger Twitter
Brazil Facebook Whatsapp Facebook Messenger
South Korea Kakaotalk Facebook Kakaostory
China WeChat Qzone Sina Weibo
Russia VKontakte Odnoklassniki Facebook


Where are your downloads occurring? Do you know where your active users are located or which social channels they prefer?

With TapReason this information is not only accessible but taken into account for all in-app messaging campaigns. The difference between being ignored and getting more content shared, is often as simple as reaching South Korean users through Kakaotalk or Russian customers on Vkontakte.

Timing is everything

Whether you are posting content onto a company page or using in-app messages to ask users to generate promotions, timing is everything.


Popular social media management tool, Buffer, offers excellent insights into exactly when to post on various social media sites. For example, engagement rates are 18% higher on Facebook during Thursday’s and Friday’s between 1-4 p.m, when users are generally happier and less focused on their work.


Timing in-app messages is more difficult. With in-app messages, you are not just adding to the clutter of a customer’s inbox or adding content to their timelines, but interrupting the use of your application. If you pick the wrong moment, users may leave negative feedback or abandon your app all together.


However, finding the right moments and optimal social channels unlocks the power of word-of-mouth advertising and viral growth. When your company is able to achieve this, your quality content is no longer lost in the abyss of the internet, but shared rapidly and enthusiastically.   


At TapReason, our mobile marketing platform uses artificial intelligence and insights gathered from billions of user sessions to achieve your company’s growth goals. By identifying the right moments and social channels to connect with users, we’ve helped over 300 applications increase downloads, get their users to share more content and improve app store rankings automatically.  



IMG_0118David Beinhart is an Innovation Scholar at Carnegie Mellon University and a recent addition to the TapReason team. He has experience in economic and marketing research and is thrilled to be helping companies grow.  

Guest Author

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