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Which Pokémon is your state desperately searching for on #PokémonGo?

Which Pokémon is your state desperately searching for on #PokémonGo?

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With Pokémon Go gripping the US, re-commerce site decided to look into which character each US state is desperately searching for on Pokémon Go and the results are interesting…

Using Google search query data, the results for all the states are listed below:

  • Pikachu is currently the most wanted Pokémon in America, with Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Mississippi, and Rhode Island all hunting for the ultra-cute star of the TV series. As the ‘face’ of Pokémon, this is no huge surprise
  • Colorado is searching for Porygon the most!
  • More surprising is the second most searched Pokémon: Eevee. Despite being one of the lesser known Pokémon, players in Alaska, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina and Texas are desperate to find her
  • The third most searched Pokémon in America is Ditto, another fairly obscure Pokémon. If you find one, let players in New York, Alabama, Maryland and South Dakota know!


Here’s a link to the full research: