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Schlafly Beer Taps into Consumers with New Beacon Technology and Mobile App

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Schlafly Beer Taps into Consumers with New Beacon Technology and Mobile App

Editor April 4, 2016

 The Saint Louis Brewery™ utilizes patent-pending smartphone beacons on beer taps to offer incentives to consumers at the point of purchase

Schlafly Beer Taps; Photo Credit to Spencer Pernikoff

(ST. LOUIS; March 30, 2016)—Schlafly Beer, the largest locally owned and independent craft brewery in Missouri, announces today an industry-first marketing plan to utilize an exclusive on-premise beacon technology to engage the Schlafly Beer community via a new mobile app. Beginning Friday, April 1, beer drinkers can download the new Schlafly mobile app to receive notifications about drink specials, tasting notes, new beer releases, and more when it matters most–when they are about to order a beer.

The St. Louis-based craft brewery has partnered with Juxtad, a beacon-enabled marketing platform that allows companies to communicate with consumers, via their smartphones, when they enter an on-premise location of a bar or restaurant. The marketing platform works with patent-pending TapTalker® beacons, physically located on beer taps, to send customized campaigns to Schlafly app users when they are in the bar or restaurant.

Juxtad has installed over 50 TapTalker® beacons in locations across St. Louis, with plans to scale up to over 250 bar and restaurant locations by May 2016. This marks the largest beacon deployment in a single network within the $211 billion US alcoholic beverage market. The brewery’s first campaign will promote a partnership with St. Louis Earth Day, launching April 1.

“We believe this will be a game changer for the beer industry,” says Schlafly Beer CEO James Pendegraft. “Whereas most beer brands hope to connect with consumers through traditional marketing tactics such as advertising, social media or experiential events, we can now take the consumer experience a step further—engaging Schlafly Beer drinkers at the exact moment when they are purchasing a beer.”

The Earth Day campaign serves as a primary example of how Schlafly plans to propel the consumer experience with their “Do Your Part and Have a Pint,” call-to-action. The process is simple—a guest downloads the Schlafly app here and opts in to receive notifications, ensuring Bluetooth capabilities are also  enabled. When a Schlafly Beer guest walks into a TapTalker® bar or restaurant, the user will receive a notification to “Do Your Part and Have a Pint.” This notification will lead users to a page within the app that shares campaign messaging, including how the brewery will donate $1 for every pint of Schlafly Beer purchased now through St. Louis Earth Day on Sunday, April 24. Users can click through to learn more, directing them to the St. Louis Earth Day website.

“Our Earth Day campaign is just one of the many ways we’ll utilize this technology through our app,” explains Pendegraft. “TapTalker® allows us to stay top-of-mind with craft beer drinkers, while also intriguing consumers that want to learn more about craft beer. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, Schlafly continues to look for new ways to connect with our consumers and allow them to enjoy the more than 70 beers offered across our portfolio.”

Other beer brands in Europe have utilized beacon-enabled technology in spill mats and other deployment tactics across on-premise locations. Schlafly Beer is the first supplier to utilize the TapTalker® beacons in the United States.

About Schlafly Beer:

Founded in 1991 in St. Louis, Schlafly Beer is the largest locally owned and independent craft brewery in Missouri, proudly offering more than 50 unique styles of craft beer. The celebrated brewing company continues to define craft with a dedication to sourcing the best ingredients, supporting local sustainability and community efforts whenever possible, and delivering a superior beer experience from year-round to limited-edition styles. In 2014, Schlafly Beer’s production of 60,000 barrels of beer took place between its two brewery-restaurants, Schlafly Tap Room (2100 Locust St.) in downtown St. Louis, and Schlafly Bottleworks (7260 Southwest Ave.) located in Maplewood. The Schlafly Tap Room was the first new brewpub to open in Missouri since Prohibition and is housed in a restored wood and brick building on the National Historic Register. Schlafly Bottleworks offers free weekend tours every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12-5 p.m. on the hour, and every half hour on Saturdays. Schlafly Tap Room offers free brewery tours every Sunday. For a full listing of Schlafly Beers and for more information on distribution, visit www.schlafly.com. Find Schlafly Beer on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Juxtad:

Juxtad was formed in Atlanta, Georgia as a turnkey mobile proximity marketing platform.  Juxtad Proximity Marketing has the unique benefit of leveraging the Purchase Tetrad – putting the marketers directly in front of the Consumer with Brand messaging at the exact Location and Time a relevant purchase decision is being made.  The Juxtad platform facilitates this innovative connection with brand owners, mobile app developers, and physical locations.   Juxtad has established a proprietary, patent-pending network of beacons to enable proximity marketing to occur in a scalable way.  For more information about Juxtad please visit www.juxtad.com.


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