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Mobile Action Gives App Marketers Insight into Expansion, Conversion Rates

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Mobile Action Gives App Marketers Insight into Expansion, Conversion Rates

Editor April 22, 2016

No More Guessing Where to Expand Next — True Localization is Here

Localization can provide a huge boost to your app — increasing your reach, downloads and amplifying your exposure. Especially if your app has strong universal appeal, expanding beyond your home market and into the great beyond can potentially yield huge profits. That said, localization is an investment and you don’t want to devote the time, effort and resources into a process that’s not going to return the very best outcome. But the value of localization isn’t up for question, it’s how to harness it to improve your app’s reach and expansion.

Good news! We’re introducing an exciting new feature to ensure your localization venture, whether it’s your first or you’re a seasoned pro, is as successful and profitable as possible. This latest addition, found in the Recommended Actions section of the dashboard, aggregates app store data, including views and conversions, and filters it through a geographic lense — enabling users to pinpoint specific markets that will convert well. This is the only drilled-down localization feature on the market, so get excited for stronger, actionable insights that translate into increased conversions and improved ROI.

How It Works

Mobile Action’s latest feature makes localization transparent through actionable data. Once users integrate their accounts, Mobile Action can pull stats on app store page views and downloads. By leveraging these key metrics, Mobile Action Localization can tell you which markets are converting well and which are getting views, but not converting to downloads. In its simplest form, the feature tells you which markets will be most advantageous to enter. Not only does it help users determine where to expand next, it can also help predict ROI.

How It Can Help You

Before a tool like this, app marketers or publishers were forced to make educated guesses about which country would be best to localize in, often by looking at traffic sources. Without clear-cut data to inform these decisions, predictions about ROI were especially murky. But with the help of Mobile Action, you no longer have to cross your fingers and hope for the best when it comes to localization.

Now, with this latest addition to the Recommended Actions section, you can see what percentage of your daily views and downloads are coming from each country before you expand to other markets. By informing you of the gap between your views and downloads — your conversion rate — and helping you close it, you will be saving yourself a great deal of time, money and worry.

Additionally, we’ll give you our best estimate on your localization ROI, meaning, how much your app’s daily downloads and conversion rate will improve after you’ve localized.

When Does it Come Out? Can I Use it With My Plan?

The localization feature is available with all levels of Mobile Action plans — as long as your account is integrated.


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