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Capterra Releases Point of Sale Software User Research Report

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Capterra Releases Point of Sale Software User Research Report

Editor April 1, 2016

Capterra, a tool for businesses to find the right software, surveyed over 400 users of POS software to determine the ways they find, buy and justify their investments. Highlights from the report include:

  • 88% of companies have had their software for less than 5 years.
  • 44% of all stores use mobile POS. 79% of those users are small-midsize businesses.
  • iPad is the preferred device to run a mobile register on, but Android is the preferred smartphone.
  • The feature that retailers most desire in their POS is zero transaction fees.

Capterra collected the data in this POS systems report through a 26 question survey to POS buyers and users online, conducted over the course of a week and receiving a total of 400 qualified responses in September 2015.

Key Takeaways

  • The most popular software brands are Quickbooks POS (34%), followed by Square (12%) and IBM SurePOS (12%).
  • The most desired POS features are 0 transaction fees, followed by mobile management app and employee scheduling.
  • The most used POS features are customized reporting, followed by inventory control and 24/7 support

As businesses move into the future, they’ve begun trending toward web-based, mobile POS to keep up with the changing pace of transactions. These web-based mobile POSs will allow greater omnichannel connectivity for companies who are choosing to showroom. They also allow for a far better customer experience, as mobile POS brings the point of sale to the customer, rather than forcing the customer to the point of sale.

See the full research report here.

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