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Brands Spend BIG on Cross-Device Marketing


Brands Spend BIG on Cross-Device Marketing

Editor April 6, 2016

Recently published for Koeppel Direct, the infographic highlights the tremendous opportunity brands have to reach sports fans during March Madness.

What’s really interesting to note is that viewers are consuming sports entertainment through their mobile phones and social media now more than ever.

So much so that traditional marketing plans are simply not enough to compete for this audience’s attention, and advertisers must build their campaigns with cross-device marketing as part of their plan.

March Madness stats and trends are useful, to a point, but not every business will be a good fit for this expensive marketing opportunity.

But it’s an excellent laboratory in which to experiment with a broader range of multi-channel messages. Currently, 96 percent of sports fans (and March Madness viewership) are glued to the television, but 68 percent also look for information about sports online, 52 percent attend games and live events, 50 percent turn to print for updates about their favorite teams, 42 percent are checking in through mobile, 41 percent tune in to games on their radios and 35 percent Tweet and Share their way through the season on social media.

Follow this link to read more and check out the infographic.


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