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Companies Turn to Mobile Marketing Automation to Increase Awareness and Revenues

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Companies Turn to Mobile Marketing Automation to Increase Awareness and Revenues

Editor March 7, 2016

As more companies like Walgreens and Taco Bell turn to mobile marketing automation to increase awareness and drive revenues, brands are relying on the technology to make their jobs easier and their efforts more effective. However, like all business-focused technologies, they can sometimes do the exact opposite.

Take email marketing solutions for instance. These platforms sell brands on two key concepts:

  • The ease of managing their subscribers through custom list-organizing features and the ability to reach them with ‘set it and forget it’ scheduling tools; and
  • How valuable their reporting and analytics capabilities enable marketers to track and monitor open rates, among other campaign performance metrics.

But these platforms are missing one thing: Achieving such marketing effectiveness through these high-value tools and features still requires a wealth of manual effort and decision-making.  And best practices of marketing communications – segmenting users, measuring, targeting and retargeting – consumes marketers’ most valuable asset: time.

Which begs the question: if the most basic best practice of ‘segment and send’ requires manual selection, what’s so automated about that?

Anne, are you working on any upcoming editorial focusing on marketers’ need to combat key challenges stemming from digital marketing efforts?  If so, I’d love to connect you with OtherLevels‘ CEO and Managing Director Brendan O’Kane to discuss this topic.  Brendan can provide expertise on the following:

  • Marketers moving beyond the exclusive use of email communications to the ‘multichannel challenge’
  • Long-term consequences marketers inherit when making manual selections with mobile marketing automation
  • How marketers can truly bolster campaign effectiveness without investing hours of manual effort.

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