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Gimbal Beacons Deployed throughout San Francisco for Super Bowl 50

Gimbal Beacons Deployed throughout San Francisco for Super Bowl 50

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First trip to the NFL Super Bowl Experience in San Francisco? Super Bowl City? 50th Mile? Want to stay connected and show off to your friends that you know what’s going on? You can, thanks to beacon technology.
The “Road to 50: Explore Super Bowl 50 Celebrations” app and Gimbal beacons are deployed throughout San Francisco. With Super Bowl 50 this weekend, and droves of fans not attending the actual game, but still heading to the city to partake in the activities, they wanted to bring to your attention a cool way fans can experience the great city of SF and the NFL Super Bowl Experience. Gimbal beacons have been deployed and are notifying fans of events, cool points of interest and checking them into locations to win exciting prizes through the “Road to 50: Explore Super Bowl 50 Celebrations” app. This is the third year Gimbal has beaconized the Super Bowl fan experience.
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Key Deployment Areas:
  • Moscone Center
  • Super Bowl City
  • 50th Mile

NFL Experience can be overwhelming for many who don’t know where to spend their time. There’s free concerts, interactive events, and meet and greet opportunities with current and former NFL players. With all that’s going on, it’d be easy to not realize there’s something of interest happening a short walk away. With Gimbal beacons, you may get an alert that you’re near a free charging station, or a pop-up to let you know Pepsi is handing out free drinks a few feet away.

Take advantage of the beacon technology if you happen to be in San Francisco this weekend, and enjoy the Super Bowl!