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Sikka Software Rolls Out Call Optimizer App for Veterinarians

Press Release

Sikka Software Rolls Out Call Optimizer App for Veterinarians

Editor January 18, 2016

Sikka Software, the Practice Optimization Company, today announced a new app that integrates with RingCentral, Inc., a leading provider of cloud business communication and collaboration solutions, to help animal hospitals improve the speed and professionalism of phone interactions. Studies show that improved phone interactions can save a practice as much as $2,800 a month.

When the client calls, a panel automatically appears on the screen, displaying key details about the client, the pets in the household and care details. Staff will no longer need to search through records to gather key information critical to the call and care of the pet. Data displayed includes vaccination records, medical notes and previous and upcoming appointment dates.

By integrating Sikka Software with RingCentral’s cloud business communication solution, our veterinarians will improve workflow efficiency while providing the best customer experience,” Vijay Sikka, CEO of Sikka Software said. “Our app provides a wealth of information and powerful insights to business users, and when integrated with RingCentral, we can offer a more holistic view of customers to smooth out operational workflow while providing significant savings of as much $2,800.”

By integrating with RingCentral’s communications platform, Sikka Software will have access to a robust cloud business communication suite designed for today’s mobile and dispersed workforces. RingCentral keeps employees connected to customers and colleagues wherever they are, on a variety of business and personal devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers and desk phones. In early 2015, RingCentral launched an API developer platform to make it feasible for any business application to integrate with its power communication platform.

Call Optimizer is available for a limited time NAVC special price of $75 per month, a savings of 62%. To learn more about Sikka Software’s integration with RingCentral, visit booth 4038 or Click Here

About Sikka Software

Sikka Software provides a platform for small and medium-sized business healthcare apps. The company’s products help healthcare providers and other small businesses optimize their business via a series of easy to use cloud-based applications. With over 32 apps built on Sikka Platform Cloud with over 16,200 installations, Sikka Software is the leader in the US Dental, Animal Health and Hearing Care markets. The company is now supporting a real time optimization and information network with providers, patients, consultants, manufacturers and financial service provides.

A privately-held company, Sikka Software is headquartered in San Jose, California with offices in the United States and in India. More information may be found at www.sikkasoftware.com.


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