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Helpshift Reveals One in Every Five Mobile Users Actively Seeks Help While Using an App

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Helpshift Reveals One in Every Five Mobile Users Actively Seeks Help While Using an App

Guest Author January 26, 2016
World’s leading customer support platform for mobile shares proprietary data revealing the importance and impact of in-app support for the mobile industry.

SAN FRANCISCO – JANUARY 26, 2015– Helpshift, the world’s leading customer support platform for mobile, today revealed new proprietary data that shows one in every five mobile users actively seeks help within the apps they use. Helpshift’s team of data scientists polled the company’s entire install base of 1.3 billion devices, monitoring user behavior over the course of a six-month time period. Results revealed that of the 1.3 billion mobile devices polled, 20 percent actively sought help.

Additionally, of the 284 million users who actively sought help in-app, only seven percent proceeded to file a support ticket after utilizing the self-service FAQ provided in-app.

Even more alarming, an estimated 95 percent of mobile apps in The App Store lack an in-app channel for customers to get immediate support.Additional findings include:

  • Users who engaged with a specific help topic within an FAQ were much less likely to file a support ticket than those who merely used the Help section as a way of contacting the company for support.
  • The contact rate after viewing a specific FAQ dropped to a mere two percent, or roughly one in 50, thus proving the efficacy of proactive in-app support.

“At Helpshift our goal is to bring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into the post-PC era,” said Abinash Tripathy, CEO and co-founder at Helpshift. “This data proves the value of in-app customer support. Just as other technology is evolving, so too is CRM and customer support. We must tailor our support to our customers needs and meet them in the channel they prefer which is in-app, so that brands can engage and retain mobile customers. Helpshift achieves that goal as the leading support platform built specifically for mobile. We’ll continue to help companies provide the best support we can and keep their customers returning to their apps.”


About Helpshift
Helpshift is the world’s leading customer support platform for engaging, supporting and expanding a mobile user base that enables mobile apps to improve customer experience, drive higher ratings, reduce churn and increase retention. Helpshift continues to makes it easier for businesses, large and small, to support their customers through in-app FAQ’s, in-app chat, a full CRM ticketing system, in-app campaigns and in-app surveys, allowing companies to provide a best in class customer support experience on mobile. Companies such as Microsoft, Target, Glu, Zynga, WordPress and others use the Helpshift platform for in-app support. To date, Helpshift has raised $13.2 million and is backed by Intel Capital, True Ventures, Visionnaire Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners. To learn more about Helpshift, visit https://www.helpshift.com and follow @helpshift on Twitter.

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