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Blumoo Technology Remotely Controls All Home Media From Any Cellphone or Tablet

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Blumoo Technology Remotely Controls All Home Media From Any Cellphone or Tablet

Editor January 8, 2016

(Kansas City) – It is an intriguing technology that offers a unique new-age spin on the traditional remote control.  Blumoo™ from Flyover Innovations, Inc is a universal home entertainment app-cessory providing users seamless control of all the audio and visual equipment in their home. The patented technology combines an innovative blend of Bluetooth 4.0, infrared and an app-enabled iOS or Android device for easy use.

Blumoo was designed as a new-fangled remote control technology that works with all the mobile devices in a home, but also helps easily find favorite TV shows and movies all from the simple touch of a smartphone or tablet. Blumoo can be used as a universal remote for more than 250,000 different types of TVs, Blu-ray players, cable boxes, home entertainment systems and more. It converts Bluetooth Smart signals from the mobile devices into conventional remote control infrared signals.

Music & Stereos:
Blumoo integrates in a long-range Bluetooth Music Streaming receiver allowing users to not only control a stereo or soundbar via the app, but also access and stream music from mobile devices being played through Blumoo. The unit can stream music up to 150’ away – five times farther than ty pical Bluetooth streaming devices.

Blumoo also integrates in an interactive TV channel guide with filtering capabilities within the remote control application, which helps users quickly find all shows available to them. Simply click on the desired show and Blumoo will turn on the television and play it.

Blumoo’s real intelligence lies in the software, firmware and mobile application. Blumoo automatically updates itself to have the latest databases, updates and feature enhancements so it is one of the few products on the market that actually keeps getting better the longer you own it, without any associated monthly fees.

Here is a video that explains the Blumoo attributes and benefits nicely:


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