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Nixu and Nokia Networks to Collaborate: Cybersecurity for the International Market

Press Release

Nixu and Nokia Networks to Collaborate: Cybersecurity for the International Market

Editor December 17, 2015

Nixu Corporation and Nokia Networks have entered an agreement to collaborate on developing and delivering cybersecurity services for Nokia’s clients worldwide. For cybersecurity company Nixu widening international market reach is a strategic way of reaching growth targets.

Nixu and Nokia Networks have signed a collaboration agreement that makes it possible for Nixu’s comprehensive cybersecurity services to be included as part of Nokia’s client offering.  This agreement gives Nokia’s network operator clients access to Nixu’s cybersecurity expertise through one partner.

This collaboration model enables Nokia to include our productized cybersecurity services in the delivery of complete network or service solutions. Nixu’s in-depth expertise and tested procedures guarantee Nokia’s customers easy access to the specialist services required for cybersecurity development and verification. For Nokia this is a flexible way to include strong specialist know-how in their full range of services,” states CEO of Nixu Corporation, Petri Kairinen.

Internationalization is a central part of Nixu’s growth strategy. The collaboration agreement with Nokia gives Nixu access to an important international distribution channel. As specialists, we will be able to contribute at multiple points along the cybersecurity value chain and genuinely provide added value for our clients. Our expertise is of such high caliber that there is an international demand for it,” Petri Kairinen continues.

The new partnership with Nixu, a company with strong security service knowledge in areas like operators and Cloud, will complement Nokia’s expertise to deliver outstanding security services for operators all over the world. The security consultants from Nixu enrich our service offerings with product and vendor agnostic expertise, which many of our customers appreciate,” states Nils Ahrlich from the Nokia Networks Security business area.

In a constantly changing business environment a company’s operations and value are increasingly based on digital property. Ensuring business continuity in all circumstances plays a more significant role in a company’s operative functions than before.


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