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We Heart It Encourages More Creativity, Launches First Companion App, Easel

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We Heart It Encourages More Creativity, Launches First Companion App, Easel

Editor December 21, 2015

We Heart It, the image-and-video based social network, announced today the release of its first companion app, Easel. The app’s easy-to-use interface enriches the social sharing experience by giving users the ability to make original creations to post to the We Heart It community.

Using various filters, fonts and effects, users can make customized creations by overlaying personal captions on their uploaded images which are then easily shareable to We Heart It and other social platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Easel is an important building block that empowers members to create new content and inspire others by sharing what they love. Connecting through shared emotion and interests is a core aspect of our community,” said Tim Crowhurst, CEO of We Heart It.

The new iOS app was inspired by the overwhelming popularity of quotes and quote images within the We Heart It community.

Quotes do extremely well on our platform. Our members love quotes because it helps them express how they’re feeling, and being able to share those feelings visually helps them connect with others who might be feeling the same way,” said community manager, Chelsea Pearl.

As a social platform committed to creating a safe and positive environment for its members, We Heart It’s launch of Easel aims to further the platform’s mission of encouraging self-expression, creativity and originality.

The release of Easel follows the launch of We Heart It’s Heartists program which recognizes many of its exceptional members for their inspiring originality, creativity and community engagement.

We Heart It is an image-and-video based social network focused on inspiration, expression and creativity. 40 million members use We Heart It to discover, collect and share images and videos on its highly rated mobile app and website. Members from around the world turn to We Heart It for a positive and supportive environment and have hearted over 10 billion images and videos. The network serves more than 60 billion images and videos a month.


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