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Experience Virtual Reality Christmas Magic with WakingApp

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Experience Virtual Reality Christmas Magic with WakingApp

Editor December 24, 2015

WakingApp, the leading provider of tools for quick and easy creation of interactive augmented and virtual reality content, last week announced the availability of Magical Christmas VR, one of the first interactive virtual reality experiences with user customization on a smartphone. The Magical Christmas VR experience was created on WakingApp’s innovative ENTiTi VR platform and is available through the ENTiTi Viewer application in the Google Play store for Android devices, and the App Store for iPhone users.

By using a smartphone along with a Google Cardboard or similar device, users can interact with the Magical Christmas VR experience by adding their own photos into the environment and then race against the clock to save Christmas — simply by looking at items in the viewer.

Magical Christmas VR is a fun experience for anyone who has a virtual reality viewer and is looking for new content to not only watch, but also customize,” said Alon Melchner, founder and president of WakingApp. “It serves as an introduction of what can be done with our ENTiTi Creator as people look to bring their own virtual reality ideas to life.”

Magical Christmas VR was created and published in a very short time – without writing even one line of code – by the WakingApp studio using the upcoming release of ENTiTi Creator, an augmented/virtual reality content creation platform that enables anyone to create content, from professionals without development skills, such as advertising agencies, educational institutions and architects, to home users who are interested in VR or AR.

Virtual reality smart glasses are going to be under the Christmas tree in 2015, but there’s still a shortage of content to watch, as well as a lack of creator tools that anyone can use,” said Udi Shani, CEO of WakingApp. “By next winter, we won’t even need to create another Christmas VR; the community will already have done it.”

About WakingApp

Founded in 2013, WakingApp’s vision is to revolutionize augmented reality and virtual reality content creation through free and unlimited tools that enable the effortless creation of AR/VR content that makes a user’s dreams, reality. The company’s unique AR/VR cloud platform (ENTiTi Creator) allows any company or individual – no programming skills necessary – to create advanced interactive content that includes live data feeds, personalization, social activities, high-quality 3D imaging and animation, games, and more. All content is instantly made available online and integrated with any mobile device or leading smart glasses using WakingApp’s ENTiTi Viewer. Learn more at www.wakingapp.com and https://www.facebook.com/WakingApp.


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