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Marketing Luxury and Premium Brands: The Popularity of Native Advertising 

Press Release

Marketing Luxury and Premium Brands: The Popularity of Native Advertising 

Editor November 30, 2015

Monolith Partners, on Quantum Advertising’s initiative, has just carried out the first study about the perception of digital in general and native advertising, in particular by “premium” brands, with regards to beauty, fashion, luxury and travel.

Brand marketing and media managers took part in the study, which confirmed three major tendencies:

  • Continued migration of advertising investments towards the digital (22% dedicate part of the media budget to digital, but peaks at 60% for certain brands) ;
  • Increased awareness of programmatic tools, already tested or used by almost 90% of the brands, confirming that knowledge of programming and premium are more complementary than contradictory ;
  • High degree of satisfaction with native advertising, 60% of the businesses questioned wanted to at least double their investments in this new advertising approach in 2016.

Laurent Foisset, the President of Monolith revealed a few of this study’s insights:

Almost all of the businesses that took part in the study regretted advertising saturation and are looking for solutions which are better integrated.  Non-interruptive approaches are popular. Luxury brands, even more so than others, are looking for new ways to communicate their values and know-how. They have a lot to say and Native allows them to pass on their messages and content in a way which respects the user experience.”

Foisset, who has helped numerous premium brands as manager of a media agency, goes on to say,

“2016 will indisputably be Native’s year because solutions exist which allow qualitative and industrial diffusion, without being limited to special operations which can be complicated and complex. The programmatic approach allows us to give Native real scale effects, and that’s a real game changer.”

About Monolith Partners:

Founded in September 2015 by Laurent Foisset (former General Manager of IPG Mediabands, co-founder of 118 218) and Xavier Desmaison (President of the Antidox agency), Monolith Partners is France’s number one BrandTech Agency. Its mission is to provide perfect knowledge and mastery of technology associated with great expertise in marketing and brand management. Monolith Partners works for major brands in luxury, beauty and cosmetics, as well as launching start-ups. Monolith has agencies in Paris, Bordeaux, London and San Francisco.

About Quantum Advertising:

Quantum Advertising develops and operates digital advertising platforms dedicated to publishers, advertisers and agencies. Our missions is to deliver high quality, scalable brand experiences though programmatic technologies. Quantum Advertising owns and operates Quantum Native Solutions, the first integrated platform dedicated to Native advertising. Quantum Native Solutions make it possible for both Advertisers and Publishers to create, target, deliver and optimize Native campaigns via a single interface.  The platform is designed to reap the benefits of programmatic media and is now partnering with every major trading desk. Quantum Advertising was founded by Philippe Besnard and Mickaël Ferreira in 2014. The company has a presence in 6 countries and operates its own technology Hub in Romania.


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