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Leanplum Named Among Mobile Marketing Automation Solutions By Top Analyst Firm

Press Release

Leanplum Named Among Mobile Marketing Automation Solutions By Top Analyst Firm

Editor November 5, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 5, 2015 — Leanplum, the marketing automation solution for the mobile lifecycle, today announced that it has been named in Forrester’s first-ever “Vendor Landscape: Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions” report. This report is focused on marketing technologies that use real-time and contextual insights to proactively engage with known users in the appropriate mobile moment across the customer life cycle via a mobile device. The research firm noted in the accompanying toolkit that Leanplum’s sweet spot is the combination of sophisticated messaging with A/B testing in the app. This gives marketers the power to run contextual and automated marketing campaigns across the customer journey including onboarding, reactivation, conversion and loyalty.1

In this report, Forrester recognized the growing importance of automated engagement solutions to capitalize on the over 30 billion mobile moments that happen daily in the United States alone, as consumer experience expectations increase and their attention span decreases. According to Forrester, brands spend an average of $3.04 per app download and still often miss those fleeting moments, as 70 percent of consumers only open said app once, or never at all.

Leanplum has been working for years to change how brands connect with consumers with dynamic, personalized and automated mobile marketing campaigns, and the data to determine when exactly those moments are. Top brands like Expedia, StumbleUpon and TESCO are turning to Leanplum, as mobile will account for 66 percent of growth in digital marketing spend over the next five years (Forrester, US Digital Marketing Forecast, 2014 To 2019, November 2014).

It’s great to see that Forrester recognizes the need for mobile marketing automation. It’s critical to drive engagement at every touchpoint in the customer’s mobile journey, from notifications to the in-app experience. We’re honored that Forrester recognizes Leanplum in this market, and we believe this Forrester report has validated Leanplum’s position as a leading solution for empowering marketers to create custom contextual campaigns throughout the mobile lifecycle,” said Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and co-founder of Leanplum. “The future of computing is mobile, with half of the adult population worldwide owning smartphones. Considering such rapid growth, brands need to engage mobile consumers by creating meaningful experiences within apps. At Leanplum, we put this relationship first. Our robust toolbox empowers brands to humanize their connections, and as the industry evolves, we’ll continue to advance our offerings to meet marketer and consumer needs.”

From onboarding to conversion, Leanplum’s marketing engagement automation is powered by deep, real-time analytics of user behavior, device characteristics, location, and more. Forrester particularly recognized Leanplum’s dedicated customer success team and unique offering of both refined messaging capabilities and user experience optimization through A/B testing, without the need for coding or app store permissions.

For more information about how Leanplum can meet your marketing solutions, please visit: www.Leanplum.com.

About Leanplum

Leanplum is mobile marketing automation that lets you shape meaningful experiences for your users at scale, driving engagement and results. Its integrated platform ties together Personalized Messaging, UI Optimization and Mobile A/B Testing with Analytics — all in one SDK.

Top brands such as Expedia, Tesco, and StumbleUpon trust Leanplum to create impactful relationships with their users. Leanplum was founded in 2012 by former Google engineers with years of experience in optimization and has received over $17MM in funding from top-tier VCs like Kleiner Perkins and Shasta Ventures. Discover more at https://www.leanplum.com.


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