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Telstra Retains ‘Best in Test’ Title for 2015 in Expanded Australian Mobile Network Benchmark

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Telstra Retains ‘Best in Test’ Title for 2015 in Expanded Australian Mobile Network Benchmark

Editor October 23, 2015

SYDNEY, MELBOURNE and AACHEN, Germany, October 14, 2015

This past week, Australia’s daily telecommunications journal CommsDay and international leader in mobile benchmarking P3 communications have released the 2015 edition of the P3 CommsDay Mobile Benchmark Australia. In its second year, the 2015 benchmark compares the Vodafone, Telstra and Optus networks not just to each other, but to their own respective scores in last year’s report to see how they’ve improved.

As with last year, the benchmark measures smartphone voice and data performance based on weeks of extensive testing around the country, from major metro areas through to smaller towns and cities and connecting highways. Test metrics include voice call quality, success rates, file upload and download speeds, website access and SD and HD mobile video performance. And thanks to brand-new technology developed by P3 communications, this year’s test route has been expanded to a measurement area representing around 70% of the Australian population, up from about 50% in 2014.

Telstra, the winner of the inaugural benchmark last year, has taken the laurels once more in 2015 with the best score in almost all categories. Its consistently excellent performance for voice and data – both in major metro areas and more regional locations – kept it clearly on top of the scoreboard. Optus followed with a very good result in most areas, and stood out especially with its data performance on the highways. Vodafone put in a strong third-place showing, with huge improvements in terms of stability. It did particularly well in metropolitan testing, where the company has concentrated its network investments – resulting in high-end speeds that were some of the fastest under test.

The 2015 benchmark uses an updated scoring model but, to enable a like-for-like comparison from year to year, P3 also ran the 2014 test data through the new model. The results clearly reflect the significant investments made by all three operators in new technologies and additional resources to upgrade and expand their networks.

“CommsDay congratulates Telstra on retaining its number one position in this year’s benchmark,” says CommsDay Group Editorial Director Petroc Wilton. “But all the operators should be recognised for the impressive improvements from last year’s benchmark – they’ve all made big investments in their networks over the last twelve months, and the like-for-like comparison really shows the results!”

The key to the massively expanded scope of this year’s benchmark was the brand new Antenuatr system developed by P3. “With the Antenuatr technology, P3’s testing is even closer to actual end-user experience. But more importantly, the whole set of testing equipment is compact enough to fit in a small suitcase, and very quick to set up and mount in almost any car,” explains P3 communications Managing Director Marcus Brunner.

With mobile technology still advancing rapidly, all the operators have big plans in store for the future. CommsDay and P3 have already started planning the 2016 benchmark to keep track of how the operators’ network plans play out in practice and meet the challenges of latest developments in mobile technology.


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