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Mobile Gamers: Your Untapped Market [Infographic]

Mobile Gamers: Your Untapped Market [Infographic]

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Casino gaming is changing… and the growth of mobile gaming among Millennial’s is transforming the industry before our eyes. The Halo Group, a branding and marketing communications agency, recently conducted a flash poll to uncover the online gaming habits of these new mobile gamers and Millennials, to best understand how casinos can capitalize on this new era.

With states legalizing gaming across the northeast, the industry is moving at warp speed to attract visitors, especially Millennials, who are now the largest adult generation. Most recently, with the introduction of online gambling and the legalization of sports gaming on its way, Millennial gamers will not only have more places to play- but they’ll have new ways to play. This exciting new gaming landscape presents a huge opportunity for casinos to connect with Millennials like never before.

Most Millennials are already playing games online or on their phones, 48% of which are casino-style games. Understanding what other games they’re playing may help casinos and game-makers develop better offerings that will attract Millennials to play online for real money.

Check out their infographic below – or videos – for a sneak peak at the highlights of The Halo Group’s recent study.