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Guide to Promote Your Mobile App [Infographic]

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Guide to Promote Your Mobile App [Infographic]

Guest Author October 14, 2015

It is inevitable that with the upsurge of mobile phone activity, its growth in functionality also intensifies. It is unfortunate that along with the growth of mobile online sales that mobile app marketing has not had parallel growth. Consumerism is intensely influenced by mobile devices. Mobile apps offer straightforward connections for business owners to reach potential clients. With consumer purchasing power growing thanks to mobile online access, mobile app marketing will step up infinite possibilities.

To boost marketing power, downloads, transactions, along with profits, it is pertinent to develop an impressive m-commerce mobile app. Cultivating a mobile app that is user-friendly is a significant requirement. Developing an attention-grabbing landing page and smart-looking logo furthers the appeal for both new and existing clients. Together with relevant keywords and an efficient category, people will be drawn to your app. As its popularity grows so will downloads and transactions. To boost downloads, purchases and your bottom-line, allow the Guide to promote your mobile app help improve your future opportunities.


Sam Zaman is an mcommerce specialist at Mofluid. Managing the mobile roadmap and liaising with internal and external IT, development and testing teams. She loves to write and read about updated mobile app technologies.

Guest Author

MobileFOMO was founded in late 2012 with the assumption that mobile marketing is going to be big (it already is) and we don’t want anyone to feel held back by a Fear Of Missing Out, aka FOMO. Forming a mobile marketing strategy has many facets to it and we are here to help.

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