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Widespace, Europe’s Leading Mobile Brand Advertising Company, Commissions Smartphone Usage Study

Widespace, Europe’s Leading Mobile Brand Advertising Company, Commissions Smartphone Usage Study

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Over 2.6 billion people currently have smartphones subscriptions globally, and by 2020, 6.1 billion smartphones are projected to be in circulation. Widespace, Europe’s leading mobile brand advertising company, recently commissioned a study conducted by Interrogare which involved over 800 smartphone users in Sweden, the U.K., Germany and France. The trajectory of smartphone usage is certainly not slowing down, but how are people using their phones?

Many of the questions regarding usage hovered around the same percentile, like Communication (70.5%-83% range), however some of the responses were vastly different from other countries surveyed. In the U.K., for example, 58% of people use their smartphones to online shop, compared to only 27% of people from Sweden. Also, nearly twice the number of people in Germany use their phones to read or edit documents compared to Sweden (32% vs. 17%).

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Those surveyed were also asked what sites they regarded as premium. Facebook was named by the most users in all four countries, and while the lists diverged after that, companies from the United States continued to dominate.

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During 2015, Widespace has strengthened its position in several markets as well as expanded business offerings. With new products such as StreamView and a 100% viewability guarantee, Widespace provides advertising and measurement with a full brand focus, appealing to both advertisers and premium publishers. Widespace also now allows advertisers to reach close to 200 million unique smartphone users through Widespace’s advertising, roughly 40% of the smartphone population in Europe, US and MENA.

We see a lot of potential on several markets where the smartphone population continues to increase. This creates a good opportunity for growth as we have established ourselves as a go-to partner for media agencies and direct clients looking to carry out broad international brand campaigns reaching millions of users across markets,” says Joyau.

Widespace’s rapid international growth still appears to only be in its infancy stages as relevant, targeted, and measurable advertising will continue to be a valuable channel for brands and smartphone users.