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New Taplytics BigQuery Empowers Companies to Mine Their Mobile Data

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New Taplytics BigQuery Empowers Companies to Mine Their Mobile Data

Editor September 18, 2015

Taplytics BigQuery, companies can answer any question about how people are using their mobile apps, and improve how they target and engage them. Taplytics BigQuery can also be connected to data visualization tools and integrated with other internal data to empower companies to make more informed multi-channel marketing decisions.

The premise behind Taplytics BigQuery is that it’s critical to have access to the right data to inform your mobile business, not a one-size-fits-all solution that’s too broad to be valuable,” said Taplytics CEO Aaron Glazer. “We’re giving our users unprecedented access to query their mobile data in any way they choose, so they can find the answers that are most pertinent to their business and take quick action.”

With Taplytics BigQuery, users can connect their mobile insights to data from their other sales channels, such as brick-and-mortar stores or e-commerce websites, to obtain a full, visual picture of exactly what it takes to engage and convert customers.

For instance, a retailer can mesh data from Taplytics BigQuery with other external data to understand what factors are driving people to its app during their shopping journeys and how to improve their in-app experience once they arrive. Did they make a purchase from their phones while inside a physical store or shortly after leaving one? Were they prompted to buy an item after receiving an offer on their device? With this level of integrated data, the retailer can do a better job of engaging app users and maximize their mobile ROI.

Taplytics BigQuery provides companies with deep insights into all of their event, session and user data, whether they’re looking for details on a specific experiment or a view of their overall app performance. All queries – no matter the number of users – can be conducted within seconds.

With mobile heating up, how swiftly companies learn about their users and act upon that knowledge will determine the winners and losers,” said Glazer. “Taplytics BigQuery outperforms cookie-cutter query solutions by helping companies quickly find the specific answers they need to discover new engagement opportunities, monetization channels and user trends.”

The Taplytics BigQuery platform is now available on a subscription basis.

About BigQuery
BigQuery is Google’s cloud-based, fully managed data warehouse for large-scale data analytics. With BigQuery’s ability to analyze very large data sets in near real time, it allows users to focus solely on finding meaningful insights.

Taplytics BigQuery represents the kind of innovative applications that we imagined for BigQuery when we developed it,” said William Vambenepe, Lead Product Manager for Data Processing and Analytics for Google Cloud Platform. “There are innumerable data points that can be obtained from mobile apps these days, but without the ability to analyze them quickly, easily and cost efficiently, it becomes just another statistic in sea of data. As a fully-managed cloud data warehouse, BigQuery provides the underlying processing power and makes it available to all.”

About Taplytics
Taplytics is the leader in mobile optimization, empowering those creating the world’s best apps to optimize their apps and push notifications quickly and easily. Its deeply integrated set of A/B testing and push notification tools enable the entire app team to work together and deliver great experiences to their customers. With Taplytics, marketers, developers and product managers have the tools they need to optimize the mobile experience and maximize the lifetime value of their customers. Taplytics is based in San Francisco, and can be found online at www.taplytics.com or on Twitter at @taplytics.


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