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Radius Releases CMO Insights Report For Salesforce.com Customers

Press Release

Radius Releases CMO Insights Report For Salesforce.com Customers

Editor September 16, 2015

Radius recently announced the CMO Insights Report​ is available to Salesforce customers, empowering companies with real­time insights to new marketing opportunities based on historical success of their Salesforce data coupled with predictive analytics. The CMO Insights Report is a customizable report that delivers predictions within one day of syncing Radius with Salesforce, identifying those new segments with high propensities for conversion.

Radius conducts a highly customizable win/loss analysis, matches a company’s Salesforce records to the Radius Business GraphSM to assess CRM health, and identifies top conversion signals based on historical success rates. Radius’ predictive marketing software utilizes the Radius Business GraphSM of more than 50 billion dynamic business signals to power its recommendations and customer analytics.

At this year’s Dreamforce conference (September 15th­18th), Radius CEO Darian Shirazi as well as Radius customers will unveil the features and benefits of the full platform for Salesforce customers.

Comments on the News

This is the most powerful modern tool yet introduced to CMOs. Marketers have sought the same insights through complicated and laborious data mining and modeling projects for years. The CMO Insights Report shows how this can be done instantaneously with real­time CRM integration, sophisticated and pre­build data models, all delivered through the power and security of cloud technology,” said Angela Zener, SVP of Marketing at Radius.

CMOs are in need of an easy­to­use tool to gain visibility into their best customers based on historical success. They need to know their total addressable market size, the attributes defining these segments and recommendations on new segments. This instantly available report provides all this information to CMOs within a day of connecting their Salesforce instance to Radius,” said Arup Banerjee, SVP of Product at Radius.

Instantly connect your Salesforce and obtain a free CMO Insights Report here.

How Radius Works with Salesforce

Radius delivers predictive marketing software that changes the way CMOs discover new market opportunities, acquire customers and measure success. Upon connecting their Salesforce instance to the Radius Intelligence CloudSM, marketers can instantly uncover customer insights and immediately drive new and cross­sell customer growth using predictive analytics, powerful segmentation and targeting. While Radius represents the new breed of data science software, its simple design and effortless implementation enables marketers to do what they do best: connect with their universe of customers and prospects in more meaningful, relevant ways. The result is that CMOs and their internal teams can now harness the massive amounts of data available to them, and instantly analyze the information to drive customer insights and revenue accountability.

About Radius

Radius was founded in 2009 on the premise that finding the best business opportunities is often still much harder than it needs to be. Built upon cutting­edge data science, Radius today delivers intuitive software that enables company leaders pressured with complex growth challenges to not only find solutions, but to think bigger. Using Radius, companies of all sizes can gain first­mover advantage, saturate market share, and grow their customer lifetime value.

Radius is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, please visit www.radius.com


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