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Edvelop: Microsoft-voted “Best Mobile App” Set to Revolutionize American Education

Press Release

Edvelop: Microsoft-voted “Best Mobile App” Set to Revolutionize American Education

Editor September 9, 2015

Awarded “Best Mobile App” at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) this past month, Mobiliya Edvelop is a digital classroom platform that consists of various tools like LMS, content authoring tools, course builder, virtual school bag, 3rd party content store, daily teaching workflows consisting of assignments, tests, notices, events enabling a pre-class, in-class & post-class blended learning environment. The smart device-based Learning Management System (LMS) from Mobiliya is currently available for exclusive product demonstrations and trials for your review.

The Microsoft-backed Mobiliya Edvelop allows educational institutions to sail toward a more egalitarian future ─ one that provides for students and empowers educators at levels unachievable with prior education systems. Emphasizing an easy-to-use experience for both learners and educators, Mobiliya Edvelop offers tools for easy-to-access lectures, class libraries, online testing, and assignment submission and performance scorecards to assess progress.

The platform also reduces time educators spend on administrative activities such as grading, data-entry, paperwork and course management through simple one-click deployment, single-user administrative tools and Excel-based resources for cached questions and timetables. Mobiliya Edvelop provides educators with innovative tools for creating video presentations, group collaboration spaces, real-time attendance reports, assignment housing and administering online tests.

The Mobiliya Edvelop Edge:

Mobiliya Edvelop offers key advantages & delivers a valuable experience to all the key stakeholders – students, teachers, IT Admin & Content Publishers

Benefits for Students

–          Student LMS: Ability to access class, assignment, tests & scorecards

–          Content Store: Access/purchase any form of third party content

–          Virtual Bag: Comprises of curriculum books/text books with offline access

–          Highlight-Annotate-Share: Make notes & share instantly

Benefits for Teachers

–          Teacher LMS: Ability to create & manage virtual classes, tests, assignments, announcements, timetables & events

–          In-built Course Builder: Upload e-books, multiple modules, links, audios, Flash content

–          Content Authoring Tool: Create modules by blending self-generated and third party content

–          Desktop Support Tools: Update Question Bank & Class Library using easy tools like MS Excel

Benefits for IT Admin

–          Deployment Tool: 3-step easy deployment with just 1-day process

–          Web based Management Portal: Centralised console for workflow, content & user management

–          Manage Devices: One window management of all devices

Benefits for Content Publishers

–          Content Store: Integrated content store for third party content publishers & partners

–          Secure Storage: Hosted on secure, multi-tenant cloud

–          Content Security: Audited & Approved marketplace from reputed publishers

Mobiliya was recognized by SiliconIndia Magazine as one of 20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers – 2015 & Winner of the Frost & Sullivan India ICT Awards for Enterprise Mobility Applications. To see why this award was well-deserved, you’re invited to speak with educators who are currently using Edvelop. They will share their experiences and describe notable benefits to learners, educational institutions and communities. Product demonstrations are available upon request. To enjoy a free trial of Edvelop, please contact me at 949-733-8679. You will discover how Edvelop is set to revolutionize education in the United States as it already has around the globe.


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