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CubiCasa Reveals Content Platform 1.0 at TechCrunch Disrupt

Press Release TechCrunch Disrupt

CubiCasa Reveals Content Platform 1.0 at TechCrunch Disrupt

Editor September 23, 2015

CubiCasa, a rising star in the 2D and 3D floor plan industry, proudly announced the launch of the company’s groundbreaking Content Platform 1.0 at TechCrunch Disrupt. CubiCasa’s innovative content platform is the first of its kind to provide conceptual 3D models as a horizontal platform service.

The company is experiencing monthly double and triple digit growth and is on pace to achieve one million database addresses located in San Francisco, Vancouver, and New York City by 2016. The platform consists of two new major API’s: Partner API and Content API. Partner API provides access to CubiCasa’s floor plan conversion pipeline, enabling software developers to easily convert existing floor plans into 3D models. Content API provides access to CubiCasa’s database of 30,000+3D models, allowing developers to request 3D models based on location.

CubiCasa envisions numerous uses for its APIs, with benefits stretching beyond real estate uses to navigation apps, design apps, gaming and beyond. CubiCasa will offer monthly subscriptions for Content API and a per conversion fee for Partner API.

Our team is incredibly excited to introduce our new platform,” said Harri Pesola, CEO of CubiCasa. “Many companies are creating floor plans and 3D models for a specific vertical industry such as real estate, gaming, or security– we will be the first to provide this technology horizontally, opening up the world of 3D design for all to use affordably and efficiently.”

In addition to the Content Platform 1.0 launch, CubiCasa announced a new partnership with IndoorAtlas, the global leader in indoor positioning. This collaboration will offer software developers digital positioning applications through IndoorAtlas’s patented technology and CubiCasa’s innovative floor plan delivery. CubiCasa’s technology can turn any type of a source file, even a hand drawn image, into a usable floor plan file. Each property is geo-located on a map.

Through partnership with CubiCasa, IndoorAtlas developers can utilize existing CubiCasa floor plans, or create their own custom versions with the simple push of a button. Roll-out of the new partnership will launch in IndoorAtlas’s developer website later this year.

We see CubiCasa’s floor plan service removing a big threshold from our developers to get started,” said Janne Haverinen, CEO and Founder of Indoor Atlas. “Access to floor plans is not always easy, and having a partner create floor plans on demand for our developers is adding great value.”

Visit CubiCasa at TechCrunch Disrupt on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 in the Startup Alley and get a hands-on experience of the company’s exciting demos, along with partner demos from Indoor Atlas, MapGets, and Archilogic.

About CubiCasa

Launched in early 2014, CubiCasa is the creation of Finnish entrepreneurs Harri Pesola, Jarmo Lumpus and Petra Söderling, with offices in Palo Alto, New Orleans, and Oulu, Finland. CubiCasa serves the global residential and commercial real estate market with advanced digital 3D floorplans as well as designer grade virtual staging and furnishing services. CubiCasa delivers a marketable, web ready floor plan with a 24-hour turnaround guarantee. For more information, please visit www.cubi.casa. ###


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