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Pale and Male Announces Kickstarter App to Fight for Diversity, Equality, and Fair Pay

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Pale and Male Announces Kickstarter App to Fight for Diversity, Equality, and Fair Pay

Editor August 5, 2015

Pale and Male, a new app aimed at giving everyday consumers the ability to effectively advocate for improved diversity, equality and fairness in leading companies, will make its debut in the App Store this month. A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is underway to raise funds to cover the remaining costs of completing the app and can be found at http://kck.st/1MGd846.

The Pale and Male app presents smartphone users with reports on diversity in leadership at the companies behind the products they see while shopping, providing the opportunity to choose to support companies which demonstrate more of a commitment to diversity, share these decisions with friends via their social networks, text message and email, and send feedback to the companies so they can be aware of customer sentiment on the issue.

There’s been a tremendous amount of media coverage recently surrounding workplace diversity, the gender pay gap and general inequality,” said Marc Edwards, Founder and Development Manager. “Pale and Male gives ordinary people the power to both act individually and leverage their personal social networks to effect real and lasting changes in company policies – that’s a powerful combination that companies just aren’t going to be able to ignore.”

How will companies react to this new service focusing attention on their diversity shortcomings and possible discrimination or bias?

We were expecting there would be some amount of blowback when the app became available, but it’s come even earlier than that. However, this is something that will ultimately be good for companies in the long run,” explains Marc Edwards. “Pale and Male will allow them to gauge how their customers feel about their progress on diversity, so they can see whether they’re on the right track or need to make more effort.”

About Pale and Male

Pale and Male reports to consumers regarding diversity at the companies producing the products and services they purchase everyday, empowering them and those in their personal social networks to make diversity conscious shopping decisions and influence companies to increase diversity and fairness throughout their organizations.


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