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Back to School Survey: Mobile Tools Help, But There’s Still Stress…

Mobile Shopping

Back to School Survey: Mobile Tools Help, But There’s Still Stress…

annebot August 21, 2015

mobile shoppingBetween the generational fashion gaps, and a slight disagreement on priorities, back to school shopping can be the biggest headache of the year! We’ve recently written about how pretty much everybody goes mobile and freaks out about going back to school and they shop online to do it. About 70% of teens surveyed by Ebates agree that shopping for clothes with their parents is the most stressful part about returning to school in the fall.

In an age where technology is taking over, surprisingly the need for electronics isn’t a top priority for teens surveyed who are going, back to school – only 21% said they were feeling laptops are a top priority while 12% felt smartphones were. Wow! The real issues come down to politics and money… Isn’t that always the case?

I am picky and [my parents] often suggest things I don’t like, which makes us both mad…

According to new research from Ebates, not only is fashion a top priority for back to school with (73%) agreeing that it’s the most important back to school essential, following school supply’s (80%) , shopping for all those right outfits is also the number one pre-fall stressor.

Most Stressful Back to School Shopping Items for Adults Percent of Americans Who Said This Most Stressful Back to School Shopping Items for Teens Percent of American Teens Who Said This
1. Clothing 84 percent 1. Clothing 70 percent
2. Shoes 66 percent 2. Shoes 46 percent
3. Backpack 41 percent 3. Backpack 36 percent
4. Laptop 28 percent 4. Laptop 25 percent
5. Accessories 29 percent 5. Accessories 24 percent

The national survey conducted online by Instant.ly on behalf of Ebates in June 2015 was fielded among 1,014 adults and 507 teens. Parents and teens were of one mind, not only about clothing, but also about the other most-dreaded back to school shopping tasks, which include finding shoes, backpacks, and computers:

  • Parents actually stress out more than the kids—when asked what stresses them out most about shopping with their kids, (80%) agreed that clothing was the most stressful, followed by shoes (66%) and backpacks (44%).
  • Kids are embarrassed of their parents taste—whether it’s the clothes (70%) or the shoes (46%), teens fear the “horrible fashion” decisions their parents are making on their behalf.
  • Style isn’t the only headache— besides actually agreeing with their kids, which (43%) found to be very time consuming, not being able to afford everything is the biggest stressor (58%).  However, kids are thoughtful to the fact that budgets are tight —although (43%) of kids think they should be spending between $250 and $500, the mass majority understand that back to school shopping is a tough hit for the pocket and only expect their parents to realistically spend between $100 and $250 (47%).

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On a lighter note…

According to a new survey conducted on behalf of Ebates, the pioneer and leader in online cash back shopping, Americans’ favorite fictional teachers are Mr. Miyagi of The Karate Kid, Yoda of Star Wars, and Dumbledore of Harry Potter fame. The appearance of Dumbledore on the list should be no surprise, but the fact that Mr. Miyagi made the top of the list in spite of the fact that nearly a third of the survey respondents had not yet been born when The Karate Kid debuted in 1984 is rather surprising.

The national survey conducted online by Instant.ly on behalf of Ebates in June 2015 was fielded among 1,014 adults and 507 teens.

Favorite Fictional Teacher Percent of Americans Who Said This
1.       Mr. Miyagi, The Karate Kid   29 percent
2.       Yoda, Star Wars   27 percent
3.       Dumbledore, Harry Potter   26 percent
4.       Professor Xavier, X-Men   23 percent
5.       Haymitch, The Hunger Games   20 percent


Parents and Teens Correctly Expect to Drop the Most Cash on Clothes

The Ebates.com survey also showed that 80 percent of Americans plan to spend most of their back to school budget on clothing, followed by school supplies (50 percent) and electronics (28 percent).

Ranked in order of importance for the actual return to school, parents and teens voted for school supplies (89 percent) followed by clothing (73 percent), shoes (58 percent) and backpacks (52 percent).

Parents and teens across the country underestimate how much they will need to spend this back to school season. According to data released last year by the National Retail Federation, families with K-12 kids will spend nearly $700 on back to school shopping. Meanwhile, according to the Ebates survey, only 22 percent of parents and 6 percent of teenagers correctly estimated the cost of back to school shopping.

Anticipated Back To School Budget Percent of Parents Who Said This Anticipated Back To School Budget Percent of Teens Who Said This
1.       Between $250-$500 43 percent 1.       Between $100-$250 47 percent
2.       Between $100-$250   25 percent 2.       Between $250-$500 19 percent
3.       Between $500-$1,000   22 percent 3.       Between $500-$1,000 6 percent
4.       More than $1,000   6 percent 4.       More than $1,000 1 percent

“Shopping to get ready for the new school year is a significant expense for most American families,” said Kevin H. Johnson, CEO of Ebates. “Ebates makes the back-to-school shopping experience simple and affordable for all school shopping, from clothing to shoes, and electronics to school supplies. By using Ebates, families can rest assured that they are getting the best deals on the most popular items from their favorite stores.”

From now until August 31, back to school shoppers can receive up to double cash back on select retailers via Ebates. For more details on specific retailers participating in the special offer, visit Ebates.com. Shoppers can also download the free Ebates.com app at Google Play and the App Store.

About Ebates

Ebates rewards consumers with cash back on purchases while also providing access to thousands of coupons, discounts, promotions and special deals, including free shipping, at over 1,800 retailers. Free membership allows consumers to shop online at their favorite retailers while earning a percentage of every purchase they make, paid quarterly in the form of a “Big Fat Check” or through PayPal. From niceties to necessities, members of Ebates benefit from incentives at top-name merchants for everything from furniture to fashion and appliances to airfare. Because shopping with Ebates is hassle-free—no rebate forms to fill out and no points or miles to redeem—the site supports a strong community of savvy shoppers across the country and around the world.



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