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Appnext Announces Native Video Ad Solution To Fuel App Discovery Globally

Press Release

Appnext Announces Native Video Ad Solution To Fuel App Discovery Globally

Editor August 28, 2015

Appnext, the leading app monetization and distribution platform, today announced the launch of its native video ad solution, allowing app publishers to integrate and distribute beautiful, contextually relevant app trailers using a Cost-Per-Install (CPI) based model. This new solution seamlessly streams app trailers for game apps as well as a number of utility apps in various lifestyle verticals including news, dining, health and gaming among others. The video ads allow consumers to experience new apps through engaging 15-30 second video trailers before downloading.

Native video ads are available through various channels:

  • Native ads API feed – Over 1,000 unique worldwide video campaigns are available in a server-to-server integration
  • Full screen interstitial ads – A powerful combination of video ads along with 3-6 native ads achieves the best results and spurs improvement in revenue growth and user engagements/various KPI parameters
  • Rewarded video ads – Similar to full screen video ads,  these ads are shown when a user opts in and in return for watching, the viewer earns a reward or special features such as points, coins, lives, etc, and provides developers with a stable revenue stream

Video is a powerful storytelling medium and we are putting that power into publishers’ hands,” said Elad Natanson, founder of Appnext. “Our advanced technology of unique user adaptive video streaming provides the best possible viewing experience per bandwidth, country and device, so that people all around the globe can seamlessly experience new content within apps.”

Video ads operating on a CPI basis produce highly engaged users and results in higher retention rates due to the fact that users are able to gain a comprehensive view of the app before installing it. Video ads deliver higher eCPM rates to the publishers, together with higher retention rates to the advertisers. In a recent beta trial, CTR delivered a general increase by 200 percent with regular interstitial at 10 percent while CTR with video interstitial is 30 percent.

About Appnext
Appnext is a leading monetization and app distribution platform, exclusively dedicated to building great mobile businesses by promoting apps. With a growing community of over 25 thousand developers, Appnext has created a marketplace that connects publishers and advertisers directly and transparently, amplifying their monetization and app distribution efforts. The Appnext self-serve platform operates on a CPI bidding basis, allowing app advertisers to optimize their bids, and hyper target their preferred audience. For more information, visit www.appnext.com.


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