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Kentico Survey: Healthcare Provider Websites Getting Better but Need Mobile Support


Kentico Survey: Healthcare Provider Websites Getting Better but Need Mobile Support

Editor July 14, 2015

Kentico Software, the Web Content and Customer Experience Management provider, recently unveiled the findings from a survey of American web users that shows while healthcare providers are for the most part using the web to better serve patients, they still have some work to do. Kentico’s Patient Attitudes toward Healthcare on the Web Survey is the latest installment of Kentico’s ongoing Digital Experience research series.

Of the 71% who feel the websites of healthcare professionals could be more helpful, 84% say a top three issue is not being able to easily contact their healthcare professionals via their preferred contact method. Another 84% say a key complaint is the difficulty in finding the information they’re looking for while half of all respondents point to not being able to speak with a healthcare representative via the website in real time.

Online Reviews and Automatic Notifications are Hot, Social Media is Not

According to Kentico’s survey, while 51% will decide on which providers to use based on their website at least part of the time, 69% rely regularly on online reviews with a quarter of survey respondents calling online reviews “very important.”

Also, though social networks provide healthcare professionals with a forum through which to provide helpful information, 79% of the patients surveyed don’t consider a social media presence important for healthcare professionals – perhaps because of the desire to keep healthcare-related providers and conversations confidential.

Meanwhile, 74% reported finding value in getting emails or texts from a healthcare provider reminding them of scheduled appointments, notifying them that it’s time to set up an appointment, or providing them with prescription and other information.

Mobile Matters:

When asked how they would grade healthcare providers on how well they’ve embraced the web to serve, the majority (42%) of survey participants issued a B. But when it came to healthcare’s use of mobile to connect with patients, survey respondents were less complimentary, issuing a C.

In fact, 40% expressed some difficulty in accessing and navigating healthcare-related sites through a mobile device, though another 41% said they prefer to visit healthcare-related websites via a desktop computer even if navigating the sites was easier on a mobile device.

Furthermore, though patients ranked mobile texting as the third most preferred communication method with healthcare professionals after phone and email, only 11% report being able to communicate with providers this way. (34% say they can’t even reach providers via email.)

Using the web to communicate in regulated industries such as healthcare is challenging to say the least, but healthcare providers seem to have made significant strides over the years in using the web to connect with patients in meaningful ways,” said Kentico CEO and Founder Petr Palas. Overall, patients seem to appreciate healthcare’s embrace of the web, though it’s also clear they want provider websites to offer up a fuller range of communication choices, specifically when it comes to mobile texting and real time chat, as well as easier access through mobile devices.”

Kentico’s Patient Attitudes toward Healthcare on the Web Survey is the ninth installment of an ongoing Kentico Digital Experience Research series that was kicked off in 2013 with the Kentico Customer Experience Survey and continued with the Kentico Mobile Experience Survey, Email Marketing Survey, Website Marketing Survey, Digital Brand Interactions Survey, Content Marketing Survey, Non-Profit Online Donors Survey, and New Year’s Resolutions Survey.

512 US Internet users 18 years old and over participated in Kentico’s Patient Attitudes toward Healthcare on the Web Survey, conducted online during the month of November, 2014.


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