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Sense360 Launches to Unlock Sensor Data for Apps

Press Release

Sense360 Launches to Unlock Sensor Data for Apps

Meg Rahner June 23, 2015

Building smarter apps just got easier. Sense360 today announced the release of a developer platform that lets app developers leverage sensor data from smartphones to provide consumers with a more intelligent mobile experience. Sense360 enables apps to capture, combine, and analyze data from a range of underutilized sensors such as ambient light readers, accelerometers, and GPS. For the first time, developers can quickly and easily make use of this powerful, but previously hard-to-interpret data, to build the next generation of apps.

Select developers from diverse industries are already working on the platform. “We wanted to build a more intelligent experience that would reinforce our self-help courses at the appropriate times, such as reminding users to make healthful choices in restaurants and to buy nutritious ingredients while grocery shopping,” said Ben Rubin, CEO of ChangeCollective. “Working with Sense360 saves us a tremendous amount of time and lets us bring really smart features to our customers sooner.”

We have integrated the Sense360 SDK to drive our Ambient Alerts feature. This automatically sends users a notification as soon as they drive into a gas station, informing them which of their credit cards would give them the highest rewards on that specific day and for that particular gas station,” said Matthew Goldman, CEO of Wallaby Financial, a Bankrate subsidiary, that develops software to help to consumers maximize credit card rewards. “Sense360 allows us to focus on the consumer experience and our core competencies, without needing to understand or worry about the gyroscope, accelerometer, and the other sensor technology that is needed to get the accuracy we require.”

Today’s leading smartphone models have more than 10 highly sensitive and accurate sensors. When combined, these paint a nuanced picture of users’ real-world context — where they are, what they are doing, and what is happening around them. App developers can use this data to anticipate a user’s needs and create smarter and more personalized experiences, but understanding this data, and getting it in a way that is both battery efficient and protective of the user’s privacy, has proven costly and difficult.

Phones are getting smarter as more and better sensors are added, but the apps that run on them aren’t,” said Eli Portnoy, CEO and co-founder of Sense360. “We are living in an age where our phones have the hardware to do so much more for consumers, but the tools aren’t there for software developers to take advantage of all the sensors. We are bridging that gap.”

Sense360 removes all the barriers of adding sensor-intelligence to apps. Instead of needing to learn about all of the sensors, translate the raw data, optimize for battery, and worry about user privacy, developers can simply define the real-world actions they care about, and the Sense360 platform will let the app know as soon as a user does one of them.

Sense360 helps developers build smarter apps by making it easy, battery efficient, and privacy friendly for them to harness the data from all of the sensors on a smartphone. The Los Angeles, Cailf.-based company was founded by Eli Portnoy and Kamil Mroczek. Eli cofounded Thinknear, which sold to Telenav (NASDAQ: TNAV) in what remains the largest ever acquisition of a TechStars company. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from UPenn. Kamil Mroczek was the lead engineer at Thinknear and helped build the tech infrastructure to handle more than 100 billion monthly requests. He has a Bachelor of Computer Science from Waterloo University. Sense360 has raised $2.75M from FirstMark Capital, Founder Collective, and Qualcomm Ventures, and others.

Meg Rahner

Meg Rahner
Meg is the PR Coordinator for CircleClick and a writer for MobileFOMO. She is from Erie, Pennsylvania and has a BA in Public Relations from Penn State University. She moved to San Francisco shortly after graduating in 2010 and loves life on the west coast. Since moving to SF, she has contracted for the Academy of Art University's Marketing team, LinkedIn's Recruiting Team, and is excited to be pursuing her passion for writing and PR in her current roles.
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