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Weight Loss Meets Mobile

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Weight Loss Meets Mobile

annebot June 26, 2015

Losing weight is one of the toughest things for a person to do. The weight loss industry is a billion dollar one, one that will likely only grow over time. What can happen when weight loss meets mobile? We have our mobile phones with us all day, every day. How can gadgets help us to lose weight? It’s not just the phone we’re talking about, there is also a number of wearable devices like Pebble, FitBit, the list goes on…

This article is the beginning of a series where I plan to share my mobile weight loss goals, triumphs and failures. For now I’m planning to start with what I know, Weight Watchers. Everyone has heard of Weight Watchers! It’s now on the mobile phone. You can do a lot more than you might think with the Weight Watchers app. Take tacos, for example. I love tacos, but when at the store I wasn’t sure which type of shell to buy.

Just open up the app, scan the barcode within the Weight Watchers app and bam:
Yummy taco shells

It’s hard to believe how many points two delicious taco shells will cost you. However, information is power! The beauty to all of these applications we’re seeing for weight loss and fitness is that they allow us to measure what we’re doing. It is with complete ignorance and bliss that I once ate THREE taco shells per meal, not knowing.

This week I’ve started testing out my pedometer on the Pebble to see how counting steps can help with weight loss. In the mean time, here are a few expert tips:

–          Don’t eat for pleasure.  Eat for health.  Most people see eating primarily as a pleasurable activity.  Fit people see eating primarily as a means to increase health, energy and vitality.  Eating for health vs. pleasure can make the difference between world-class health and an early grave.

–          Stop eating emotionally and start eating strategically.  For the average person, eating is a way to enhance pleasure and ease pain.  Fit people avoid emotional eating, choosing to eat only when hungry.  They use logic instead of emotion to dictate and control their food intake, and are acutely aware of the tendency to use food as a drug.

–          Use failure as a motivator:  The fact is everyone on earth has failed at something.  Many of us multiple times.  You are not alone.  The reality is the past doesn’t equal the future, so take the failures and use them to propel yourself toward success.  Never assume that things will be the same as they were in the past.

–          Stop seeing exercise as a burden.  Too many people who can’t lose weight view exercise as drudgery they neither enjoy nor place any value on.  The idea of sweating and working out strikes them as a waste of time and energy.  Fit people know exercise is one of the most important habits anyone can develop.  They either love it or hate it, but either way they discipline themselves knowing it’s a non-negotiable price.

–          Make choices that will keep you fit.  Being fit is a choice.  No one forces us to eat the way we eat or exercise or not.  We are 100% responsible for what we see in the mirror.  It all comes down to the choices we make every day during meal times and exercise periods.  Be smart and make conscious decisions that will keep you fit and healthy.




Anne Ahola Ward
Editor in Chief
Annebot, aka Anne A. Ward is Editor-in-Chief for MobileFOMO. She is a futurist, growth hacker and co-founder of CircleClick, LLC. As an early entrant into the field of search engine optimization, Anne has helped many of her clients monetize their SEO programs. She has helped clients to exceed their previous lead generation goals.
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