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The Workplace App Explosion [Infographic]

The Workplace App Explosion [Infographic]

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Many companies may have apps, however many employees are developing their own solutions if they don’t think the apps their enterprise provides is sufficient. In fact, 41% of employees surveyed by email solutions provider Newsweaver don’t think these apps meet their needs.

Employees are implementing their own solutions by “going rogue” and bringing in their own (potentially non-IT approved) apps.

According to FierceMobileIT,

While this can result in reduced software licensing costs and employee training for the enterprises, it can open up the enterprise to malware infecting their servers, data being lost or stolen through leaking app, and time and reputation damage from employee misuse of apps.”

In the below infographic, find out more about the rise of mobile for business, “Bring Your Own Apps” (BYOA) trends and employee behavior, and the emergence of enterprise apps.