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Liftoff Analysis: How Gender May Help to Predict App Engagement [Infographic]

Liftoff Analysis: How Gender May Help to Predict App Engagement [Infographic]

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Liftoff, a mobile app marketing and retargeting platform, recently released its Q1 2015 Liftoff Mobile App Engagement Index, measuring the role in which iOS vs. Android, as well as gender, play in the engagement of mobile app users .

Liftoff’s data measured the cost-per-action and conversion rates with 22.5 million app installs and 550 million post-install events in six app categories: travel, finance, dating, shopping, social, and utility. These post-install events include registering for accounts, sharing content, making reservations or purchases and subscribing to services.

Their data found that companies spend an average of $9.54 to acquire a registered user from mobile app installs, and the highest install-to-registration rate is through social (76.3%), followed by eCommerce (72.5%) and Financial (43.8%). Their research also found that women who use shopping apps were 32% more likely to make a purchase. They showed a much higher install-to-first-purchase rate and significantly lower cost-per-purchase, at $144.50 for women vs. $190.70 for men.

Dennis Mink, the VP of Marketing at Liftoff, commented on the results: