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5by Makes Watching Mobile Videos Amusing and Social

5by Makes Watching Mobile Videos Amusing and Social

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Mobile video has officially captured our attention. 5by combines the best elements of viral videos, social sharing, and our love of mobile video viewing.

In Facebook’s latest earnings report highlighted that the network generated over four billion videos views, 75 percent of which came from mobile devices. 5by from StumbleUpon enables viewers to go straight to videos we can’t help but watch and has built in social features that are made simple through messaging.


Available for iOS and Android, users can select from the Concierge whatever video matches their viewing mood, such as Making You Laugh, Geeking Out, Sports Fan, and videos that align to the time of day. Viewers can also browse popular channels such as Funny, Staff Picks, Wow, Cool, Pranks, Face Palm, and Science. 5by also features a Daily 5 so you know today’s viral videos before they hit the news feeds elsewhere.


Featuring built in Chromecast support from the 5by mobile app as well as an available desktop version, video viewing on your couch is made easy. The service even makes sure you never lose memorable videos by hitting next too fast with available controls to rewind to the previous video and access to your viewing history. Having an easy to navigate interface as well as a smart algorithm for pulling the best videos is what makes 5by’s mobile apps especially sticky.

Watching hours of video later while playing with 5by I feel a little guilty for time spent, but sorry not sorry.