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5 Tips to Increase Brand Engagement on Mobile Apps

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5 Tips to Increase Brand Engagement on Mobile Apps

Guest Author April 17, 2015

Today’s guest post comes to us from Dennis Mink, the VP of Marketing at Liftoff.

Most marketers have specific post-install goals they want to achieve, like registrations, bookings, or purchases. They start by building detailed profiles of your most engaged users by tapping into Liftoff’s database of over 1.1 billion mobile profiles. The company examines over 200 unique attributes including age, gender, mobile behavior, and even other apps they frequently use.

Photo via the Liftoff website

Photo via the Liftoff website

Tip #1: Create a mobile app your customers will love

  • Apps now account for 52% of all time spent with digital media, including desktop and the mobile web
  • Consumers are fickle, deleting more than 70% apps they install within 30 days
  • To keep consumers engaged, offer fresh content or interactivity that your target market will genuinely appreciate. And keep your content fresh to sustain higher rates of engagement and frequency of use
  • To avoid consumers deleting your app within minutes of download, optimize the user experience so it’s easy to navigate and use. If you’ve got less than a four star rating in the app stores, fix the design of your app and release a new version as quickly as possible


Tip #2: Use promotions to encourage engagement

  • People love promotions and opportunities to score a great deal, especially on mobile
  • Create mobile specific promotions that only mobile users can participate in
  • Gamify your promotions to drive engagement. For example, require consumers to post photos of themselves interacting with your brand, go in store to score a mobile exclusive deal, or get their friends involved to earn an even bigger reward


Tip #3: Incorporate social hooks into your app

  • Across all age segments, people spend the most time in social networking, entertainment and messaging apps
  • Add social elements to foster engagement both amongst your consumers and directly with your brand
  • Make your mobile content easily sharable across the major social networks


Tip #4: Run app install re-engagement ads

  • App install ads are a great way to boost engagement among customers who already downloaded an app
  • Instead of asking the user to download an app, a re-engagement ad prompts the user to open the app
  • App install re-engagement ads have very strong performance including high click thru rates and a clear ROI.
  • They are offered by all the major mobile platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, smaller ad platforms and Liftoff


Tip #5: Use push notifications to bring people back to your app

  • When done right, push notifications are an incredibly effective way to get consumers back to your app
  • Similar to email marketing, whenever possible, give your mobile users the option to customize their push notification settings so they receive only what they want to receive
  • Make sure to create a push notification strategy that aligns with the purpose of your app. For example, a snowboarding company might send notifications providing an update on local snow conditions. Or a shoe company with a running app might send a daily notification with an update on steps walked that day.
Guest Author

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