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FocusVision Releases White Paper on Mobile Research Trends

Press Release

FocusVision Releases White Paper on Mobile Research Trends

Editor March 13, 2015

Leading market research company examines mobile participation in online surveys, identifies best practices

Stamford, CT – March 13, 2015FocusVision has released a new white paper that reveals the evolution of the mobile survey respondent. The paper, entitled “2014 Trends Report: Mobile Participation in Online Surveys” encompasses primary research on mobile survey taking behaviors using data from more than 74 million surveys starts in 2014. This paper is the latest in several rounds of research which started in 2012.

Aaron Jue, director of research for FocusVision, said,

This study just reinforces that researchers need to continue focusing on survey designs that accommodate smaller screens and touch devices such as tablets and smartphones. We found that there are specific ways to accomplish this without compromising the integrity of the resulting data.”

FocusVision, which acquired the quantitative research technology company Decipher in January 2015, created the new white paper based on thousands of Decipher’s independent surveys that represent the global survey-taking population. Studies ranged from the very short to the very long and complex. For this paper, data was aggregated across all client projects and examples were extracted from individual studies to illustrate key points.

Key findings from the research showed that trends from previous studies are continuing. Some core findings included:

  • Mobile growth in online surveys is mirroring overall growth in mobile access to the internet with survey starts on mobile and tablets rising from less than 10% of survey starts in 2011 to more than 25% of survey starts in 2014.
  • Mobile access varies by country. The United Kingdom, United States and Canada see the highest proportion of survey access via mobile devices.
  • Completion rates on tablets and mobile is slowly increasing in 2014: 73 percent desktop; 74 percent tablet; 64 percent mobile phone. Surveys designed with mobile users in mind can improve overall completion rates.

The paper also provides specific examples and best practices for mobile survey design, based on the research. Mobile-first design changes to survey outreach have consistently called for readability, usability and performance throughout all the rounds of this study. The white paper also includes a special section on the rising use of phablets and mini-tablets.

Jue continued, “Even three years ago when we started these studies, the mobile landscape was very different than it is today. A few shifts in the mobile landscape include a rising use of Android-based devices and tablets, while on the programming side HTML5 has supplanted Adobe Flash. By continuing to do this important research, we hope to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the mobile respondent.”

The paper can be viewed in its entirety here: http://ww2.focusvision.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/FV_Dec_MobileUpdateWhitePaper.pdf

About FocusVision
FocusVision is the leading global provider of qualitative and quantitative technology solutions to the market research industry, providing an online survey platform, research facility video streaming, webcam focus groups, ethnography streaming and mobile device usability studies. Our services allow research professionals to engage with respondents in any place, at any time.  FocusVision has over 300 employees and offices in the US, the UK, Bulgaria and Singapore. www.focusvision.com


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