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OpenRTB 2.3 Changes the Game with Support for Native (Infographic)

OpenRTB 2.3 Changes the Game with Support for Native (Infographic)

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Sharethrough, a programmatic native company, just released an infographic to provide context around IAB’s new OpenRTB 2.3 native ad standard.

This is the first version of the real time bidding protocol that provides support for native ads. Its impact is also likely to be most significantly felt on mobile, since mobile receives the large majority of native RTB impressions. Sharethrough played an integral role in building out the protocol and its VP of Product, Curt Larson, was included in an article explaining Open RTB2.3 earlier this month.

According to Larson:

Now that native has matured as a concept and the programmatic standard is finalized, there will be a tremendous acceleration of native investment overall and programmatic in particular, with programmatic ability a standard part of the equation for all major native platforms by 2016. Programmatic workarounds and non-standard workflows will soon be replaced by the official standard. One of the most immediate impacts of OpenRTB 2.3 will be felt on mobile. Mobile has the potential to receive the majority of native RTB impressions, due to the fact that supply often outstrips demand for native inventory on the mobile web.”