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Qriously Campaign Builds Brand, Finds New Customers for Door to Door

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Qriously Campaign Builds Brand, Finds New Customers for Door to Door

Editor January 9, 2015

Mobile question finds over 50,000 consumers planning a move; leads them to call

NEW YORK — January 9, 2015 — How do you reach consumers who are just about to need you? Qriously knows. Working with Door to Door, a national moving and storage company, Qriously, the opinion-targeted mobile ad company, found 50,000 consumers who were just about to move — and thus prime prospects for Door to Door.

By prompting mobile app users “I am planning a move and need the following:,” and offering as possible answers “Moving,” “Storage,” and “Move + Store,” Qriously found more than 50,000 people who offered one of those answers. Of those who answered the question, more than a quarter clicked through to a Door to Door Storage landing page with a phone number to call for quote, for a Unique CTR of 32.5%.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 11.43.52 AM

Like most brands, we want to reach people at just the right moment,” said Door to Door SVP of Sales and Marketing, Tracey Kelly. “Asking people if the moment is right turns out to be a great way to find them. We’re very pleased to have attracted so many prospects from so brief a campaign.”

Subsequently, Qriously conducted a simultaneous control vs exposed brand test, posing the question ‘Will you consider Door to Door for your next move?’ to a sample of consumers who had seen the ads (the exposed group), as well as to a statistically similar smartphone sample (the control group). The test determined that the campaign had raised brand consideration by Δ6.95, a relative increase of 27.97%. Late in the campaign, Qriously tested Stated Purchase in similar fashion and noted an increase of ∆2.37. Both tests were statistically significant at 90+%. These tests establish the connection between the mobile ad campaign and real-world behavior.

We were excited to participate in this campaign with Door to Door,” said Joe Zahtila, North American GM at Qriously. “Qriously posed questions about moving and storage around Door to Door locations. By answering these questions, people volunteered whether they were in the process of moving. This approach not only eliminates campaign waste, it provides a more relevant and meaningful ad experience for the consumer.”

About Qriously
Founded in 2010, Qriously taps the value of opinion to create a more meaningful mobile ad experience for both consumer and advertiser. Headquartered in London, the company’s products unlock the value of people’s voices at scale.


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