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Mobile Video Platform Allows Healthcare Companies To Create Branded Testimonials

Press Release

Mobile Video Platform Allows Healthcare Companies To Create Branded Testimonials

Editor January 29, 2015

DENVER, CO –  Jan. 29, 2015 — Storyvine™ Health announces the launch of their new mobile video-creation platform, which interviews patients, doctors and caregivers. Storytellers self-produce interviews via a structured, data-driven platform and iOS app, designed with message management, compliance and authenticity in mind.

Founder and CEO, Kyle Shannon shared,

The thing I am most excited about is our ability to authentically-capture stories of people facing & overcoming medical challenges. Our ability to make user-generated video “safe” for pharmaceutical marketing opens a whole new world of opportunities for the industry.”

Demand for video (especially authentic video) is increasing exponentially. Brands are faced with an untenable reality of having to choose between professional video, which provides beautiful results, but can be so polished & scripted it can lack believability; and user-generated, mobile video which is authentic and can be done in large quantities, but is completely uncontrolled. For the first time, Storyvine Health bridges this gap in the healthcare industry.

From patient testimonials, to interviews with doctors & other key opinion leaders, Storyvine Health provides high-quality, compliant, authentic testimonial and expert videos at a scale and efficiency previously impossible to achieve.

The Healthcare Industry is in desperate need of a new way to capture the true and authentic voice of people on their medical journeys. Storyvine Health is the first solution I have seen that delivers on this critical transformation,” shared Bruce Rooke – Chief Creativity Officer, inVentiv Health.

Storyvine Health is a unit of Storyvine, Inc., a Denver-based video technology company founded in May 2012. The Storyvine platform is designed to bridge the gap between professionally produced video and informal mobile video, delivering what Storyvine calls “Professional User-Generated Content,” or “Pro-UGC.” With the Storyvine platform, you can capture anyone, anywhere, at any time and “Automagically” deliver a fully-edited, professional-quality HD video in minutes.


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