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Mobile Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2015

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Mobile Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2015

Guest Author January 15, 2015

This is a guest post by Dippak Khurana, co-founder & CEO of Vserv

We all know that there was a strong uptick in mobile shopping this past holiday season. But, what should you keep eye out for in the coming months? Here are the some other key trends we expect to see in the mobile marketing ecosystem in 2015:

1. E-commerce spends will shift from app installs to SKU re-targeting to their existing app consumers

Ecommerce will continue to evolve into mobile commerce. When m-commerce was in its nascent stages, e-commerce players majorly ran app install mobile advertising campaigns. Now, however, we expect to see e-commerce spends shifting from attracting new app users to SKU re-targeting where unique IDs are created for products based on user browsing history. These re-targeting campaigns will provide a contextually relevant experience and redefine how consumers discover, shop and pay.

2. Conventional brands will start leveraging native ads, whereas 2014 saw a near 100% dominance of only app install ads

Native ads, currently a niche advertising format, will soon see widespread adoption by conventional brands (2014 saw a near 100% dominance of only app install ads). In 2015, traditional brands will engage with their target markets for various marketing objectives like branding affinity, lead generation and purchase intent. CMOs will start to leverage the advantages of the mobile environment and advertisers will be well primed for this as well.

3. Marketers will see Mobile Display as the new CRM

Mobile Display will become the new Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Brands will move beyond traditional methods of CRM on mobile, such as the SMS or email, to meaningfully engage with their customer base. This will help marketers make better, smarter decisions in real-time, taking relevant mobile messaging to the next level. These next-generation services will offer marketers the ability to connect and communicate with mobile customers throughout the purchase process and across channels.

4. Smart Data driven media buys –  Online / Mobile-First will scale up

In 2015, marketers need to expand the type of segmentation criteria they use for targeting. Today, the mobile medium is the center of the consumer’s universe and a source of petabytes of data. This large amount of data needs to be analyzed, based on which smart data about users can be derived which includes the creation of actionable user personas and intent signals. As businesses now run on the simple premise of data, the smarter the data is the sharper the results will be.

5. Combining Video ads + Rewards + Retargeting will emerge as the new mobile media currency for mobile games

Brands can reap the benefits of successfully implementing integrated mobile experiences as they combine a variety of marketing formats such as video advertising, reward formats and ad retargeting. This integrated approach will emerge as the new mobile media currency for mobile games. Moreover, advertisers across industries will be able to retarget consumers based on their historical shopping patterns. By incentivizing consumers for engaging with a brand campaign, consumers are encouraged to interact with the ads.  This combined approach will become the new mobile media currency.

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Dippak Khurana is the Co-founder and CEO of Vserv, a leading mobile marketing platform that delivers smart data led results to marketers, app developers, telcos and data partners.

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