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Key Mobile Takeaways at CES


Key Mobile Takeaways at CES

Editor January 16, 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) helps demonstrate new trends in technology that developers should be aware of in the coming year. While CES doesn’t focus only on mobile devices, this year’s conference offered some important takeaways about innovations in the mobile industry that developers need to be aware of.

Connection Is Paramount
More and more ordinary household items now incorporate Internet connectivity. According to inc.com, everyday items such as refrigerators and toothbrushes are now being built with Internet connections. This means it’s going to be more important to be able to connect to the Internet of Things with mobile devices. Devices should be capable of connecting with Internet-connected versions of household items as well as provide extra functionality, such as remote access to these items’ systems.

High Definition Video Is In
High definition video is definitely in. Mashable reports that there are plenty of 4K and 8K displays on the market–the crisper the resolution, the better. Mobile devices need to have retina screens capable of displaying super-high quality in order to compete in this new world of ultra-high-resolution video and images.

Thin Designs Are In
Mobile device designers take note: thin is in. The majority of new phones and tablets on display at CES were ultra-thin, ultra-light and easy to carry.

Consider Curves
Curved designs are also becoming popular, mainly with TVs, but also with mobile devices. Having a curved screen may not seem practical for a mobile device, but Mashable saw a couple of models. LG is the first mobile device company to offer a phone with a curved screen; although this market is small, it will probably grow over the next few years.

Fitness, Health, and Beauty Apps Rule the Market
Mobile developers should take note that fitness, health, and beauty are more popular than ever before. CES 2015 showcased tons of Internet-ready products, wearable tech and other items devoted to helping users reach their fitness, health, or beauty goals. Mobile developers can take advantage of this trend by creating corresponding apps.


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