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How Have Mobile Ads Impacted the Holiday Shopping Season? [Infographic]

How Have Mobile Ads Impacted the Holiday Shopping Season? [Infographic]

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How much did mobile advertising impact shoppers over the holiday season? Medialets, an advertising platform for mobile, tablets and connected devices, analyzed their data from November 1 – December 1, 2014 in order to discover their answer. Top findings include:

1. Mobile purchases happen significantly more on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

On Black Friday, consumers clicked on mobile ads an average of 41% more than the week leading up until that day and retail purchases increased by 679%. On Cyber Monday, consumers clicked on mobile ads 55% more than before and retail purchases increased by 157%. Purchase conversions for technology and CPG-based ads saw a more significant bump on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday. According to Medialets,

This may suggest that, while consumers are out shopping at retail stores, they are comparing shelf prices with the best mobile ad offers and completing purchases on their mobile device.

2. Mobile ad activity during the holiday period increased differently depending on the industry. 

Compared to pre-holiday activity, the automative industry had a 75% higher click-through rate, Business and Finance had 55% more impressions, and technology had 16% more purchase conversions.