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Appboy Launches Conversion Tracking to Measure and Improve Campaign Effectiveness


Appboy Launches Conversion Tracking to Measure and Improve Campaign Effectiveness

Editor December 31, 2014

Saucey monitors campaign success with Appboy’s conversion tracking

Appboy, the leader in Marketing Automation for Apps, announces the launch of conversion tracking, providing marketers with a more comprehensive view of campaign effectiveness. Conversion tracking allows marketers to set custom campaign goals and monitor the actions users take after receiving a message.

Saucey, a leading alcohol delivery app in Los Angeles and San Francisco, used Appboy’s conversion tracking to determine the effectiveness of a user engagement campaign. Using an email featuring a promo code, Saucey successfully motivated a segment of its newer purchasers to revisit the app and make additional purchases 25% faster than customers who did not receive the campaign.

We experienced significant success through this campaign, with a 42.32% open rate and 9.54% of users converting within the week the email was received,” says Daniel Leeb, CPO of Saucey. “By utilizing Appboy’s conversion tracking, we were able to determine the exact revenue brought in by the campaign and increase the overall revenue generated by newer customers.”

“As a marketer, it is incredibly important to understand the true success of a campaign,” says Mark Ghermezian, CEO and Co-Founder at Appboy. “Prior to conversion tracking, marketers were only able to see open rates for push notifications, emails and in-app messaging. However, the goal of a campaign isn’t always interaction with a message or even opening the app. Marketers can now track custom actions such as making a purchase or sending a message.”

Actions the user took after receiving the message are fed into the user profile, allowing marketers to understand the path they took prior to conversion and retarget in the future. Additionally, campaigns triggered by Appboy’s API allow marketers to gauge the effectiveness of campaigns run outside of the Appboy platform.

About Appboy

Appboy is the global leader in Marketing Automation for Apps. The company’s suite of services empower mobile brands to solve app abandonment and manage the customer life cycle beyond the download. Employing rich customer segmentation, multi-channel messaging (push notifications, in-app messages, email, News Feed) and multivariate testing, brands can effectively cultivate relationships with their user base. Clients like Urban Outfitters, LifeLock, Shutterfly and Anthropologie use Appboy to increase engagement, reduce churn and build mobile ROI. Appboy is venture funded and based in New York City. For more information, visit www.appboy.com.


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