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The Most In Demand Jobs in Ad Tech

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The Most In Demand Jobs in Ad Tech

Ben Roodman November 13, 2014

The year of mobile. The year of video. The year of social. With so much explosive growth across different advertising verticals this year, we wanted to know: What are the most in demand jobs in ad tech right now? MobileFOMO breaks down the career pages of what the fastest growing advertising technology companies are looking to hire.

Programmatic Video Sales

Experience Required: 3-6+ Years

Video is in demand. Some of this year’s largest ad tech acquisitions have been in the video advertising space. TV media buyers are being promised the personalization and measurement of digital advertising with the scale of traditional TV audiences. Video ad networks and technology providers have launched their initial programmatic demand side video ads solutions and now want the revenue dollars through their pipes. If you have experience selling to DSPs, TV media buying, consumer electronics companies, or digital media buyers in general, video commands high CPMs and is ripe for programmatic optimization.

Data Scientists 

Experience Required: Varied

Backgrounds and experience for starting in data science can vary from PHDs to self taught data nerd. With a mix of mathematics, programming, and analytic insights, Data Scientists hold the key to unlocking the trove of data collected by digital advertising technology. Ad tech vendors and networks compete on their value to utilize 1st party data and integrate 3rd party data for campaign targeting, optimization, and reporting. Often Data Scientists are responsible for general data collection cleanup and providing sales with key campaign metrics reporting. Understanding and interacting data is on a logarithmic trend line.

Ad Operations and Account Executives

Experience Required: 0-2+ years

Also known as Ad Ops, Campaign Specialists, or Digital Client Services, cultivating early talent into operational excellence is the base to any ad tech campaign delivery. Duties include learning ad trafficking, providing account support, gaining ad tech platform knowledge, Salesforce, and Excel. These entry level positions are the start to many careers in the crazy world of advertising.

Customer Success Manager

Experience Required: 2+ years

Once the sales cycle is done and a customer has been integrated to your company’s ad platform, how do you maximize customer revenue while allowing the customer to feel that their needs are being heard? The Customer Success title is a bit misleading to what it truly means: being an experienced account manager who is great at building client relationships while being focused on turning up customer spend. Hit your year over year revenue growth targets with a product that customer’s love and you’ll be sitting pretty, reveling in success.

Business Development
Experience Required: 5-8+ years

Business development is a strategic role for market success and leading ad tech companies are looking for individuals who have a deep understanding of the advertising ecosystem, successful product integrations under their belt, a strong book of relationships, and the drive to be a business model pioneer. Advertising technology is largely partner and B2B driven putting the best tools and data together for client success. Even Facebook and Google leverage numerous partners for integrated product platform offerings. Business Development can also mean consultative sales to new customers or network building by sourcing publishers, but with an alternative BD title.


We want to hear your thoughts. What top in demand advertising positions are you currently seeking or hiring for? Tell us in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter.

Ben Roodman

Benjamin Roodman
Senior Contributing Editor
Benjamin Roodman is an advocate for getting to the truth of what converts in mobile. Well versed in mobile advertising platforms with a notable aptitude and passion for analytics, he's currently putting deals together as head of partnerships at a mobile data startup. Benjamin has previously held Business Development positions at AOL Advertising and helped establish several funded location-based consumer startups.
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