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Mobile & Tablet Ads Attract Far Better Conversions Than Widely Assumed, Medialets Report Finds

Press Release

Mobile & Tablet Ads Attract Far Better Conversions Than Widely Assumed, Medialets Report Finds

Editor November 18, 2014

Medialets’ latest benchmark shows view-through conversions represent up to 72 percent of conversions uncounted by clickthroughs & increases ad conversions up to 257 percent

NEW YORK CITY, November 18, 2014— Medialets today announced the publication of its latest report on the true ROI of advertising on smartphones and tablets. Mobile & Tablet Ad Attribution Benchmark Report, Q3 2014, an analysis of 240 billion data points between July and September, indicates that total ad conversions on mobile are far greater than generally assumed when using “view-through,” a metric that counts ad conversions across multiple apps and sessions.

Mobile ads are far more effective than even advertisers realize,” said Medialets’ founder and CEO, Eric Litman. “This benchmark shows just how much ROI has gone unrecognized up until now.”

According to the report, view-throughs represent 58 percent of total conversions on handsets, and on tablets, 72 percent of total conversions.

A view-through conversion occurs when someone sees an ad on their handset/tablet device, declines to click-through, but eventually converts in another manner on the same device in another session. (For instance, a consumer who notices an ad for a special air travel offer while traveling to work, then at home, goes directly to the airline’s site to review the offer.) Because handsets and tablets are used in far more locations and times than laptops or desktops, view-through is crucial for measuring total ROI of advertising on mobile.

According to the report, view-throughs significantly increase total conversions and mobile ROI across devices, inventory sources, verticals and types of conversion. When measuring view-throughs, for example, overall ad conversions lift by 140 percent on handsets, and by 257 percent on tablets.

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Medialets’ report is being published just as advertisers and publishers are about to deploy their holiday shopping ad campaigns. Despite massive consumer growth of mobile content consumption on mobile, the ROI of mobile marketing remains a contentious, nebulous topic; consequently, mobile ad revenue continues to lag far behind traditional desktop advertising. Medialets’ report provides concrete answers, showing which mobile ads attract the best conversions, on what devices and types of ad units—even the time and day when sign-up and purchase conversions happen most.

Advertisers constantly express their frustrations trying to understand the effectiveness of their campaigns on mobile, or confusion on how to deploy them,” Medialets’ Eric Litman added. “This report will start giving them the clarity they need—just in time for the holidays, and their 2015 marketing plans.”

Selected highlights from the report:

  • Ads on tablets perform almost 300 percent better than ads on smartphones. Overall conversion for ads is 2.7x higher on tablets, when compared to ads on handsets.
    Peak purchasing on mobile happens on Saturday followed by Wednesday, on evenings followed closely by afternoons: Purchase conversions occur relatively evenly throughout the week with slight increases on the peak days and times mentioned above.
  • Advertisers should consider starting an event-related ad campaign at least two weeks ahead of time: 80 percent of purchase conversions occur within two weeks of ad exposure, while 90 percent of credit card sign-ups occur within two weeks of exposure.
  • View-through lifts overall mobile ad conversions 140 percent to 257 percent. Measuring view-through conversion consistently increases total conversions across mobile devices—specifically, 140 percent overall lift for ads on handsets, and 257 percent lift for ads on tablets.
  • View-through accounts for 315 percent to 497 percent conversion uplift in multiple categories. View-through reveals a large number of previously unaccounted-for conversions, significantly increasing total conversions and mobile ROI across devices, inventory sources, verticals, and types of conversion. Specifically:
    • 315 percent increase for Credit Card Sign-ups for Business & Finance vertical
    • 305 percent increase for Mobile Purchases
    • 497 percent increase for Exchange inventory, 309 percent for Publisher inventory

About Medialets

Medialets is the creator of Servo™, the only technology that helps marketers manage and measure the complete ROI of mobile ad campaigns. Servo is also the only buy-side mobile ad server to receive Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for display impressions and clicks. Partnered with all five of the top five agency holding groups including Publicis, Omnicom and Interpublic, Medialets’ Servo supports clients like P&G, American Express, Toyota, HBO and other global brands. Founded in 2008 and venture-backed by Foundry Group, DFJ Gotham Ventures and Greenspring Associates among others, Medialets is headquartered in New York City with offices in London, Chicago and Los Angeles. To learn more, visit http://www.medialets.com and follow us on Twitter @medialets.


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