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How To Kill A Mobile First Workplace Culture

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How To Kill A Mobile First Workplace Culture

Editor November 20, 2014

Building a culture that matters and retaining talent in the workplace is even more essential in a mobile first world. MobileFOMO shares the best practices for how to not kill morale through anti-mobile practices.

HR Attendance Policies

Not a single customer has ever said they have benefited from your employees strict attendance at their desk 5 days a week versus being mobily accessible. Arriving at 9:15am or 9:25am does not matter in a world of always-on email and connectivity through today’s smartphones. Strict HR attendance policies where the first thought is to report coworkers who are not immediately in front of our eyes can build a culture of mistrust. Getting work done often requires not being in office. Codifying place over people and performance sends the wrong message in how you value employees.

Inaccessible Mobile Information Access

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a must. If internal services and processes do not work across platform then they are not modern practices and should be critically reexamined for their true utility. Documents that are not immediately accessible and searchable across devices will not be used. Employees have mobility in their device options and strive to treat their career as a personal choice as well. The culture goes hand in hand.

Email First Culture, Not Client First

If a client reaches out via email with a concern there are two options for addressing customer success. There are those that choose to first send an internal email and those who reach out to the client first. Step 1 should always be acknowledging the customer first then, after solving internally, communicate next steps and solutions. If the first step in a support process is the politics of gaining credit by typing up an email and requiring many internal CC’s, then no one is actually communicating with the client. Solutions can easily be discussed in person versus asking if you saw the email. Using email communication as the only measure of client support can also lead to mistrust internally. You can call a client, point them to an online reference guide, or do a Google Hangout. The point is to do anything to communicate that the client comes first before your email first culture.

Conference Rooms Only Meetings

A meeting doesn’t have to be held in a conference room to be deemed official. Using a conference table to justify points of view does not allow everyone to express their input and ideas. No one truly wants to see a PowerPoint presentation; they want a visual medium to reference as part of a discussion and have a takeaway record the general concepts discussed in a meeting. Internal meetings can often be replaced by a walk, a discussion over coffee, or sitting on couches. Always include a dial-in bridge for all meetings incase someone can’t make it in person.

No Decision Autonomy

Lastly, you can ruin company culture even without mobile devices through decision chokeholds. If employees do not have autonomy to access information and base decisions on company values, then mobility won’t matter. In an organization where all decisions require high level approval versus putting the intelligence to make right the decisions at the nodes, then it won’t matter what device you have or not. This is especially true for startups where stifling processes at critical moments can kill opportunities.


If Microsoft can change their company mission to be a mobile first culture, so can your organization. From Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella email to employees, “At our core, Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more.”


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