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Kickstarter Campaign Introduces Mobile App Which Allows Plants to Communicate

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Kickstarter Campaign Introduces Mobile App Which Allows Plants to Communicate

Editor November 24, 2014

Big news for people who are convinced they won’t ever have a green thumb: Digital Spring LLC is introducing Daisy, their first retail product for indoor home and garden use with a Kickstarter campaign in November. Combining their patent pending commercial grade soil moisture sensor with a fun, game-like app for mobile phones and tablets, Daisy offers an accurate, easy to use and economical system for letting your indoor plants talk to mobile devices to communicate what they need to stay in perfect health.

The Daisy sensor samples and stores plant conditions over time and sends this information to a mobile application via Bluetooth® technology, which operates like hands free phone operation, but at much lower power. The application crowd sources this information to deliver suggestions for optimum growing conditions based on plant variety, soil moisture, light, and temperature conditions. Users can photograph their plants; give them personalities to use when requesting attention and share on social networks. This technology is a quantum leap beyond what could previously be delivered to the retail/home market in price, performance, and battery life.

The “Talk to Plants” Kickstarter campaign will commence November 17, 2014 and continue through Jan 18, 2015 to create interest and buzz for a retail product launch. Contributors will receive Daisy products and their names in the credits of the Daisy application.

We are excited to use a Kickstarter campaign to both understand the retail market and to educate the market”, says Jim Canyon, President of Digital Spring LLC. “How many people have spent a lot of time and money picking out the perfect plants only to have them wither and die?  With Daisy, tending to your plants becomes a fun and social event.”


Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.00.43 AM       Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.00.27 AM

Installing the Daisy system is easy.  Place the sensor in the soil around your plant, enter the plant’s scientific or common name, take a picture of your plant, and give it a personality. A science based learning experience for kids; a plant lifesaver for the brown thumbs; and a gentle reminder for busy people, the application is an easy to use part of the system.  The Daisy App is informative and helpful; browse the plant database and can learn about plants or post your plants, photos and growth statistics to your Facebook account and compare with friends.

The application lets you sort your plants by health, watering schedule, name or location. This makes it easy to get a list of plants needing watering at a specific time or to access the needs of all the plants in a specific area. Previous information on watering and moisture is used to estimate the time of the next watering and this estimate is updated as new data is received from the sensor. The latest estimate is displayed with the plant information and used to generate a watering notification. Users can set an advanced alert to insure they don’t miss a watering. There are notifications for extreme temperatures so the plants will not die from cold or overheating. Additionally, there are special alerts if the mobile device has been out of contact from the sensor for more than the plants’ watering time period.

And there is no need to tell the Daisy application you have watered the plant…the plant will tell the application via sensor communication!


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