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Snipp is Brand Loyalty Programs Gone Digital

Snipp is Brand Loyalty Programs Gone Digital

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As a brand marketer, if you have ever tried to activate a mobile coupon campaign with a retailer or worried that your advertising dollars drove a customer in-store only to buy another brand in the aisle, Snipp is your shopper purchasing insight solution.

Snipp is a mobile solutions company that allows customers to submit their receipts in order to receive coupons, rebates, and other loyalty programs using just their phone. Replacing mail-in offers and cutting box tops, Snipp enables brands managers to build loyalty campaigns for today’s digital first world. Customers can easily submit verified receipts of purchase through their mobile phone. Snipp uses OCR technology to analyze the SKUs, providing the user with instant verification of loyalty program participation and the marketer visibility into the products the that consumers are buying.

Snipp Interactive CEO, Atul Sabharwal, has said that Snipp originally started as marketing agency but it wasn’t until August 2013 when Snipp processed its first receipt. From there Snipp took off by putting all the pieces together from building mobile promotion sites through to fulfillment.


As an example, a Huggies loyalty program had a reward coupon component that required a 32 digit long code which users agreed was a real pain to submit between changing their baby. Now mothers can earn cash back rewards in between Instagramming cute baby photos using only their mobile phone. Other program example includes Buy 3 Hormel Pepperoni Packs and get a free ticket to see How to Train Your Dragon 2. The campaign reward combinations are limitless and the brand is in control, not tied to the retailer’s point of sale to redeem savings.


Snipp has worked with some of the world’s largest brands and they’re already a public company on Toronto Venture Stock Exchange (SPN.V) through an early stage merger.